2021 in retrospect

2021 in retrospect

Pheeeewwww!!!! 2021 has been a year, and that is putting it lightly!! For the whole world, 2021 was that year we thought we’d recover from COVID, but for which we learned to live with its different variants. But for me, 2021 was a crazy year with many firsts, and many interesting turns – and with each of these turns I have learned a ton! Some of which I’ll share with you today.

For the Bimpe’s happy place OGs, you’ll remember I used to do this every year before the blog went down about two years ago. So this is tradition. On this new blog though, I wont lie – it feels weird, but part of what I learned in 2021 is to just do. So oya!

1. Read. Learn. Grow – because what you don’t have, you cannot give.

Boy oh boy, if you know anything about me – it’s that I like to give. Information especially. I want people to know things I know, and I am a huge plug! You know that girl that knows someone everywhere? That’s me lol. But for a large part of 2021, everything was blank. I wanted something to talk about, and was tired of seeing other people put out stuff, but I HAD NOTHING. Until God told me – Madam. Ingest information. Study your bible. Read more. Focus more on getting information outside social media, and with that, you’ll have more to offer – but then I wasn’t even in a mental space to fill myself up – cos work and life fatigue made me lose interest in reading anything. However, with my compulsory rest (read more about it here) came the inspiration to do things I liked again. Things like reading! and here we are today! So invest in USEFUL information, cos you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So how did I start reading again?

Now, in the light of the things I started reading in 2021 – I didn’t just jump into big book, I read lots of shorter pieces, especially NEWSLETTERS!!! I absolutely relish checking my mails in the mornings now, cos I already know what to expect (juicy juicy letters from folks I admire and people that build me up in almost every way). From my Tuesday’s newsletters by Kemi Onabanjo on wholesome living, all the way to propel women by Christine Caine love letters that help me understand my role as a woman in God’s kingdom and to build me up. Or is it the Stears business daily newsletters that satisfy the economist cravings in me with all the non boring but statistically proven Nigerian news? Don’t even get me started on the Seth Godin’s everyday newsletters that can be so random! But super useful! I also recently subscribed to Blessing Adesiyan’s newsletter – and I know it’s going to be a bomb. It’s called ‘Woman unlearn’ and is set to help women unlearn toxic norms that we’ve all come to accept as the usual. These are just a few o, so imagine how I consciously my mind (and mailbox) with useful information – and you can too! If you want a list of all the useful newsletters I’m subscribed to – holla, I’ll hook you up.

2. Filter your content. Your mind is your life!

If you consider my initial point, as important as it is to ingest the right things – in this chaotic world, you better filter out the wrong. My email DOES NOT contain toxic information or random newsletters. No o. If I signed up for something I thought would be beneficial and it’s not – I unsubscribe straight. My social media has also seen me unfollow several people this year, something that used to be hard for a recovering people pleaser like me. Now I’ve seen more than ever before that it’s what is inside that will come out, and this realization in 2021 has given me peace. So, censor what goes inside your mind and heart. I know that it’s out of the heart that issues of life flow out.

3. You have got something to say darling. No matter how many people have said or are still saying it.

Do you know how much I almost didn’t post this because I’ve been seeing other people post theirs? I’m like – wetin I wan talk wey them never talk before?’ But I know that’s not true.  I didn’t go through these experiences for nothing, and as much as there are haters out there that put out things like ‘whatever you learned in 2021, keep it to yourself’, there are tons of people that can benefit from what I have learned, and SO I WILL NOT KEEP IT TO MYSELF. My voice will be heard! and so should yours! God taught you something beneficial? Share it. You found something new, and you think others can gain? Talk! Do you think your personal routines are fabulous and may help someone? You better don’t be quiet. It might be imperfect, but it’s your story so go ahead and say it.

4. You can trust God.

This is the biggest lesson God taught me this year. It’s that he can be trusted. In 2021, I had a lot of questions. Several things I thought would happen simply did not. A few hopes were shattered. But amid it all, there’s one thing God keeps hammering in my heart, and that keeps me going – it’s that I can and should trust him. I didn’t author my life. and I’m not my own Father. There was a choice I made to follow this God and I’m confident HE WILL NOT MISMANAGE MY LIFE. Nope. Some of those disappointments turned into such ridiculous success stories, and some have not – but as God keeps teaching and has shown me over and over with several examples this year, he has my life covered. Maybe not on my terms, but see ehn? God knows better and he comes through. So, cry, be angry, but trust him, and walk with him. He’ll astound you. Soon

5. Dare to rest.

I said ‘dare’ because in this rat race the world is running – resting will take someone who’s daring. Where you dey run go sef? You cannot give what you don’t have o, so if you burn yourself out, that work you’re chasing, and even more significant things will be affected negatively. So darling, rest. I have a detailed article on how I learned FORCEFULLY to rest this year. Just click on this link and catch your sub-ASAP.

6. Dare to do.

See ehn, I have failed in this life o. I could not say this some years ago because almost everything I wanted to do had been done WITHOUT FAIL. But fast forward to 2021, Hehe. I don fail small. There’s something about failure that makes the next adventure just a little harder to commence, because you’ve convinced yourself that maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re the failure. OGA SNAP OUT OF IT. There are several reasons for which a person can fail, and which I failed in some of my adventures, but crippling myself out of doing anything else meant that was all I had. My failure stories. I was not giving myself the opportunity to succeed at anything either. So after much and continuous encouragement from the Holyspirit and the amazing support system he gave me, Started to do again. I reopened my blog, and applied for yet another job. I tried having the tough conversation again. And guess what, some of it’s working out. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to fail, you’re robbing yourself of the chance to succeed as well. So in 2022? Do. I know I will.

7. If it feels off, it probably is.

Don’t ignore your instincts darling, please just don’t. If you think you’re getting tired and need a break, you probably do. When that feeling of insecurity starts to creep up, don’t ignore it. It’s only going to get worse, so get help. The moment you start feeling like a relationship or job no longer serves you, address that feeling. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave, but it means you need to assess and know if you do or not. But I learned in 2021 to NOT ignore my instincts. It was the link to so many of the opportunities I had! If we’re true to ourselves, when things happen externally – 90 percent of the time, we had a tiny little inkling that we just buried nicely, and it never serves us. Never. Please darling, in 2022 – don’t ignore that nudge, it might be the link to where next you need to be.

8. Dude, we were not designed to be alone.

Yes you’re a self-starter, encourager and all things wonderful, but if I have learned anything in 2021? It’s that support cannot be overrated. Ever. I was burned out as heck and grossly unproductive at work, but you know what covered my shame at work? My over hardworking and supportive team members. I got pregnant and was sick! If I survived, it’s because I had family to help me navigate life. I was weak and tired spiritually, but the Holy spirit was the source of my strength and helped me get through it. In 2021, I started a new job in an industry and field I knew almost nothing about, but it took a friend who had been there to literally guide me step by step into succeeding at it. I was sick and could barely move my hands and legs, it was my husband and my sister who cooked for me and nursed me back to health. Managing money and funds was easier said than done for me, but my husband’s financial discipline is what has made me an almost fantastic money manager now. I could go on. You need people. You need a community. This journey is long and sometimes hard, so going it alone makes it just more frustrating. Please. Invest in people, the returns will blow your mind and please don’t run from it. Allow yourself to be loved. You deserve it – yeah?

And that’s a wrap!!!

There are so many other lessons I’ve learned, but these are the most prominent ones and I hope you learned from them too, and that you go into 2022 a bit more equipped than when you started reading this. I love you guys, and I’m super excited to be blogging again. It’s a super scary and yet super exciting phase of my life I’m getting into, and so stay tuned. I will share more, and I will encourage as I’m encouraged.

2022 WILL come with its own bumps o – but we made it this far, with God’s help we will make it through next year too and we will thrive!

I have shared my ups and downs with you, and the things I’ve learned from it – so oya, tell me. Just one lesson you learned in 2021, or your most memorable experience. I’m waiting in the comments section o.

Here’s to a beautiful next year. Do not let your voice be silenced.


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