…I was only a child, but I grew up that day… -Britt Nicole

blog 3

This has always been a myth to me
When do we really grow up? At 16?
I have known grown children
I have known child adults
The boundary’s as unclear as ever
I do know that experiences change us
That sometimes, life happens to us
I know children get abused
I know toddlers become parents to their younger ones when casualties happen
I know its possible to grow
I know we usually experience growth and cant be taught
I know women have children and all of a sudden become responsible for other human beings
Yeah we do grow
But I also know I still have the wishes of a child
I know I dream of happily ever afters
I know I still want hugs from my mum
yet I’ve seen days that made me feel grey

so when do we really grow? and what does that even mean?

blog 4

… I’ve heard that people grow up, I’ve just never met anyone who’s done it … -Meredith Grey