Hey guys, so I wrote about my Daddy/God today, it makes me happy, I sure hope it does the same for you too ๐Ÿ™‚

bimpes happy place 5

Abnormality is his way

He could have made a garden with only good trees

but he made an imperfect garden and let man choose

He could have created a road for his people

but he decided to part the red sea so they could walk in it

He could have let his people be creative and make new shoes for themselves

but he let them wear the same ones for over 40 years and it didn’t fade out, their shoes grew with them

He could have changed King Nebuchadnezzar’s mind

but he chose to hang out with his three hebrew boys in the ย fiery furnace they were to burn in

He could have easily favoured Daniel among the evil guys in Babylon

but hey, he’s the lion of the tribe of Judah so he let Daniel have fun with hungry lions that didn’t bite him

He could have trained David as a fighter

but he’ll rather ridicule a tall giant with a little stone

He could have let Haman die or suffer normally for bullying Mordecai

but no, he let Haman serve Mordecai like a servant instead

He didn’t really need a son, because he’s God

but he chose to have one so he could have me and many more as his children as sons, not servants anymore

His son could have been born in the wealth of Solomon

but he chose a manger and a carpenter

He could have gotten lots of cash and bought food for 5 thousand people, after all he has all the world’s resources

but he chose to feed all of them with 5 loaves of bread and some even remained

He could have chosen wonderful, bright and shiny, religious, people of pure pasts

but he chose ME, such foolishness!

My Guy uses the foolish things of this world to astound the wise


That’s the one I call Father, he specializes in building a track record of foolish things