” Don’t you realise that you will judge angels someday?”- Apostle Paul of the Bible.

I see through your eyes and know that this life is not all that there is. This life in itself does not make sense. To just live to die, eat to live and then die easy.
Maybe it is a test. It has to be a test or maybe some sort of academy with compulsory assessment exercises that help prepare for a us for a life here after.
I believe this , so I focus on passing every test and surmounting every challenge. Sometimes I succeed but other times I fail. I find myself studying to learn, only to then experience and ultimately re-learn. Sometimes I see these challenges coming and prepare, other times they hit a blind spot.
However, I must confess that I don’t mind failing sometimes. I know the right answers to give and I understand the steps to make, but I relish the idea to go against my knowledge and just fail. Maybe so you’ll see that I’m really not equipped or ready to be on this pedestal, perhaps I should be flung somewhere else with lesser demands. So I fail… but in that euphoria of knowing I completed my defiance, I think of you and your patience and your love. I see through your eyes the glimpse of the end and then I know that I have been foolish to think that you do not understand my weakness, but that you actually created them not as weaknesses but as premature strengths.
You want me to grasp, you want me to understand. You want me to see things at the plane that you do. So you teach me and prepare me so that someday my body, soul and spirit will be perfectly in sync with your thoughts.

At that moment will I now be ready to judge with you. Ready to judge angels.