If I were to write about life, it might just be a cliché.

If I talk about love you would have already had enough.

If I talk about relationships you would say “here we go again”.

So this will be a random post and I’ll direct it to the man in the mirror.

-Never listen to a desperate person, including you: At a time of desperation we all cling to the thinnest unreasonable things.

-Nobody is entitled to anything, no matter what you did: Entitlement is a disease. Don’t expect anything from any man, not even pity. Strive for your own.

-Don’t force anyone to give you the respect you think you deserve. If you earned it, somehow, you’ll get it.

-You built your life to where you are EXACTLY at this moment.

-Every one is an option; don’t get stuck or comfortable where you are.

-The things you own might end up owning you because your decisions would be determined by the security of those things


-When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy, hence:

Ignore Pigs (people that refuse to make you happy).

Completely ignore them.

Don’t think about them.

Don’t talk to them.

Don’t write them



-Your purpose in life dwells in whom you believe to be your creator.

-Live life to the fullest, you have just one (1).

-What people think about you is their business not yours, therefore mind your own business

-You WILL become stronger. Yes, cliché, but it’s true. With a lot of practice anybody can grow to be stronger. Practice makes perfect.