Before we think too far about the unknown language and meaning of the title of this article, it simply means “The Art of Laughter” and the language, I believe is Spanish. Little heads up; during the course of this blog post, we may come across more of the language, just for fun.

Life is tough, then there’s a commercial break, the avenue to escape from the emotional exhaustion, deteriorating relationships, bad weekdays and weekends, heartbreaking news and any other situation that makes us wonder if God has changed the channel, to watch the activities of another planet, and the only way to enjoy the commercial break is through “Risa,” yeah you guessed right, LAUGHTER.


Imagination is everything; It is the preview of life’s coming attractions, and imagination happens in the mind, humour also depends on the mind of the spectator, so it solely depends on whether the spectator is willing to be happy or not. A joke can be rib cracking to anyone who listens to it, but if you set your mind to be unhappy and livid, while everyone else is laughing hard and participating in the joke, you end up having a bland face, in other words (Rostro Suave).

The secret of human happiness is not in self-seeking but in self-forgetting, people hold on to the bad events of the past, which makes it hard to live and enjoy the present. Sometimes its feeling miserable because we think that we are mere individuals, alone with our fears and flaws and resentments. We fail to recognize that our deeper, divine character has the ability to choose whether to be at peace or not. There’s a saying “yesterday is history, tomorrow is an opportunity, today is all we have”, and if there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s that time has a way of altering circumstances, that’s why tomorrow is an opportunity to erase yesterday and make good use of the gift of today, maybe that’s why it’s called the future.

Laughter is an outward expression of enthusiasm, it works on the soul like medicine, laughter is the only tonic and relief for depression and pain, it’s also nice to know that it’s  cheaper than regular anti-depressants. A glad heart is an excellent medicine; when you feel there are times in life that simply would not yield even an ounce of humour; when you’re going through what seems like an interminable time of pain, remind yourself that those moments won’t last forever, laugh over the good things, God still dey, and things are going to definitely change for the better.

Gracias por su tiempo, no translation #gofigure.