So I’ve had a little bit of time to rest in between two jobs, I start a new job next week. Hence, I’ve inevitably slept more than I would on a regular day, this last week. In fact, it turns out (as one of my dear annoying friends pointed out) I have a sleeping habit when I’m not making extra efforts to be cautious about it.

Now to the point of this extra story, on this day, I had been oversleeping, and it was a long night. Earlier on in the sleep, I had lots of dreams, wonderful ones in fact, but as the sleep time got longer, the dreams started reducing. In the morning, I woke up, took a break before going back to sleep again!! However, this time I did not have a single dream, and so I tried to remember the last unfinished dream I had before I last woke up, hoping it’d continue as it happens sometimes. No dreams came, instead the sleep just got tiring and so I woke up. Then, bam!! This came to me … “There is a certain amount of dreams that sleep permits, and when oversleeping, dreams are no longer allowed.” Hold on, you’ll get it in a bit.

This whole sleep dream thing taught me the lesson I’m now sharing with you my fellow misfits: it’s that we have so many dreams but we’re so busy sleeping and having them we forget that time is running out for us to put ourselves, and those dreams to work, if they are to have even the slimmest chance of coming to realisation. So dear friends, stop sleeping! Stop jotting down ideas and start executing them! You have a whole shelf full of jotters and you’ve not done a single thing in them. Oya it’s enough, start going about your dreams, because if you stay sleeping, the dreams will stop coming. Yeah, I mean now, no matter how limited your resources are. Start!