Try to be a rainbow in Someone’s cloud -Maya Angelou

First of all, its Maya Angelou. duh, I could write a billion posts about things she’s said. We are not worthy, lol. However, I discovered this awesome blog today here, where I saw this quote and it struck me deeply.

I had been thinking about these things a lot in the past few months, the fact that, people that are hurting are those that hurt other people, and then those ones hurt other people and then those ones hurt other people and the world becomes a dark, twisty and dead place full of serial killers and rapists and psychopaths, and molesters and terrorists and people that hurt the environment, and then we all die miserably.

Oh that sounds sad right? well, think about that the next time you’re pissed and want to piss someone else off. Think about how much the world can be transformed by someone (YOU) starting a new victorious cycle. A cycle, when even after someone pisses you off, you painfully still try to make sure no one else gets hurt and hence, against all odds, you make someone happy and then the person makes another person happy and then the world is a bright and shiny, wonderful place with good music, good people, good food, green grass and happiness from the inside everywhere, and maybe a world where we never really die, we just move on to better places.

Now that sounds fun yeah? I don’t live in a fairy tale, neither am I ignorant of the fact that people hurt and annoy us. But in the long run, so our children don’t get hurt too, lets make up our minds to be rainbows in people’s clouds. You were abused and have gotten better? Talk to someone else who was too, so they know you’re a rainbow that understands how dark it can be sometimes. You have a little extra cash? give someone and make them happy. Someone made you sad? choose to prevent that from happening to the lady next door, by saying something nice to her. Because, in making others happy, we make us happy too.

Busy being a rainbow in someone’s cloud.