Weirdo alert!!! This post might not make sense to you guys now, but I promise you that one day it will make sense and I hope you leave a comment here and make someone happy when it does.

The beginning of every end marks the beginning of another beginning -Bimpe

You know what they say about those that die?

It’s that they usually have a feeling, an inkling, a sixth sense, a smell … They just always say there’s something that makes them know that the great beyond is heading for them.

It might have been the faintest sound or feeling and it might have passed so fast, but they knew

Well, I don’t think that applies to physical deaths and beginnings alone, I think in our lives, the moment the end or the beginning of any life changing thing is looming or is at hand, especially if we pay enough attention,  something happens to indicate them, and we notice, but too many times in passing.

Maybe the moment before we find something, or before someone close dies or leaves, or before someone gets a new job, or before a girl gets proposed to or anything really, you have a feeling or you hear something on the inside, or you just … know.

A lot of times, however, its too late, because we usually realise these moments when  they are gone. Its more of a memory thing than reality, because sadly, you cant go back, smile,  savor the moments you had or do something differently to make that future better or changed, as the case may be.

So friends, , I know it sounds so much like I’m repeating my last post but please, enjoy every moment you have with the people in your life, enjoy life with yourself, say sorry,  do silly things like dancing when no one is looking because you’re the only one on earth who thinks you’re a fab dancer, watch repeat episodes of your favourite show, cherish people, embrace new ones because that day just might be the beginning of the end or another beginning.

It doesn’t have to be deep, just pay attention to details, and if you can do anything about them, then do, if not, then accept that end or that beginning with as much joy as you can muster, that way we’re all happier.

I don’t know why; maybe it’s the bloody sixth sense, maybe I have a feeling, maybe in some weird way, it’s the beginning of the end of something, maybe i’m just bidding my time, waiting for the beginning of a new beginning to unravel itself. Honestly, I can’t wait. At least then i’ll know why I keep writing these fake deep posts where I’m saying 50 billion things at once.


Maybe I’m just that deep though