So I hear a lot of songs and I sing along to some too, and one of those songs goes “These are the  days of Ezekiel … These are the days of Elijah, etc” and I believe it, as I’m a strong believer of times and how they determine more happenings than we’re ever aware of.

However, I’ve had this particular line I’ve wanted to add to that song, and its that “These are the days of Abraham”. See, I’ve heard of Patriachs in the faith and all that stuff but man, this Abraham dude, real MVP. He was going to sacrifice his ONLY son (Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon). The closest anyone has ever come to that is God, who sacrificed his only son for the sins of the world. He cannot be compared to God or anything, but its for you to know how deep their relationship is, that they even have the tendency to do the same things.

Wait, in case you don’t know who Abraham is, He’s this dude that left all he had to follow whom he believed in. He was sooooo old, and didn’t have a son, but he still believed this dude He followed, that one day He would give him a son. Guess what? Yeah you guessed it, He eventually had a son, and the most hilarious one was the fact that he was going to sacrifice this young man to the same dude that promised him a son for forever before he gave him one!!

But one of the things that amazes me most about this whole thing is, the relationship he had with God. Look, this wasn’t him thinking they were guys, God was thinking the same thing too, as in the relationship was as deep as, God wanted to do something and He goes “Mehn, will I do this thing without telling my friend Abraham?” (NB: That was paraphrased), so I’m just like, “what??? God wants to consult with you now before he makes decisions?” He doesn’t need anyone, He can do whatever He wants whenever He wants, but He chose to tell Abraham what’s up first …

Okay, its been a long day at work, and so this post will continue when next I have strength, because its a longer story than this … Yeah, their love was that deep … And yes, I think we’re in those days now too, the days of Abraham, when God wants to gist me before He does something on the earth, oshe!!

Don’t worry, the learning will come in the next post(s) that come in this series, in case you’re wondering where this is going … Just be happy for now, content that God is thinking about you, coming to visit your house and stuff to gist you about his decisions, before he makes them … Oh wait, your body is already his House, so He already even lives there! hehe, the frigging days of Abraham.


Yeah that explains the happy picture, lol