Its been a long time coming, me and you,

And I hope you’re faring better in your new city

I hear you got a new job

and met someone who thinks you’re good

I hear he cares for you, and has chosen to be with you

I saw your letter, telling me he has a better option but chose you

I read that you know he thinks she’s better and wonders frequently what it would have been like with her, but picked you

I’m happy to hear this, dear friend

I’m so happy you found love

However,I disagree with a part of your letter that says I’m getting old

And to settle as well, for the guy I met and thinks I’m a good option but there’s a better

Because age doesn’t care about what I think, or what I think I can have

You said to embrace what I have now, and to be happy enough

“Good, better best , I shall never rest

Until my good is better, and my better best”

That’s what the famous poem says

Well, darling Trish,

I’ve seen a bit of life, and I know that everything is never what it seems

I have seen love reciprocated to great extents

and I’ve seen people live their lives with being the  “good” and not the better option

“He loves me, that’s good enough for me, I’ll be satisfied” is the consensus

“Some never even get to be loved, some don’t get anyone to choose them, but I did” is what people say

Well, call me unsatisfied, darling, call me discontented

but I have never really been about popular opinions

Because, girl,  good is not good enough for me

I choose to be the better option or nothing at all

Because I’ll rather be a poor man’s better than a king’s good

I’m a sucker for perfection, I’ll wait for the one who thinks I’m better

The one that sees me as the best form of diamond and not as precious silver

I want to be someone’s heaven, not an amusement park, Trish

Don’t get me wrong girl, I’m happy you found happiness

I’m happy you’re his good option, even though you know there’s a better

But please, don’t tell me to accept being settled for

I pray you find even more happiness in the path you’ve chosen, my love

Till when next I get to write you love, because I get busy these days

However,I’ll endure the lonely and aging path now

And not settle for being anyone’s  good

Because My Mum taught me better.