“You don’t get fine by telling yourself you will long enough” -Bimpe

Hi guys,

How did the weekend go? Mine was fab. So my lazy self decided to challenge herself in the next ten days and have a 10 day blogging challenge. You see I’ve wanted to do this for a while now because it seems so challenging, I’ve been evaluating my goals for the year (NB that I did not even write them down, I just remember I had goals, lol) and  I decided that I can do this so there goes! I really hope I don’t mess it up, it’ll make me really happy and I’m sure you guys will be happy to have something to read everyday from the blog too yeah?

Since this is Christmas, I have decided to base the posts for the next 10 days on things that have to do with kindness, friendships, giving and happiness (like that’s not what I always post about already, right?) … Anyways, that’s what it’s going to be.

So because today is a Monday, of course it’s going to be a MCM post, a bit different from the normal though, as i’m not going to post the lyrics of the song (Music Collection Mondays … for the new comers). Yesterday, a thought came to my head when I was trying to figure out what to do about this challenge I put upon myself, something came to me … a line from one of Kina Grannis’ songs

“This matter is mine, don’t worry I’m fine”

”Don’t worry, I’m fine” was my most frequent line at a point in my life. It got so bad, one of my closest friends asked me if I ever had any problems, as she used to come to me with a lot of her issues and I always seemed to be fine every time she asked me how I was, she started thinking maybe I had a secret friend somewhere that I used to vent to. I had bottled up my whole life, and managed to do it while talking most of the time. I said so much, yet I never really said anything.

Look, I have come to understand that sometimes this doesn’t happen voluntarily, as I wanted to share things  but subconsciously I had believed that, “this matter is mine” and so no one else could understand. I thought the world was full of people that thought they cared but didn’t really care, and  that everyone had ideals and not the real stuff that was actually going on. It took people that knew me, really knew me, loved me enough, did not care about my privacy, and literally were willing to continue asking until I spoke out to make me break out of the shell I had put myself. Guess what folks, “this matter is not really yours” and you’re not alone. No matter what you think you’re going through, forming that you’re fine, I promise you someone else is going through something similar, and even if they’re not going through something similar, they could listen and just be there for you. So no, “you’re not fine!!, you don’t get fine by telling yourself you will long enough”. So its Christmas, try and share something, I think sometimes we know in our heart of hearts those that will listen. So listen to your heart this Christmas, love.

I hope you’re all the happier for it. Make sure you leave a comment, so I know you were here, and that this whole challenge thing counts for something other than making me happy yeah? See you tomorrow.

Oh, and guess what the name of the song where the person keeps saying “This matter is mine, don’t worry I’m fine” is called? Its called the goldfish song. Go figure