It’s day 2 and I’ve not chickened out yet…yaay!!!

Today, in the spirit of Christmas, i’ll be sharing one of the giving experiences that changed my life.

In my  junior secondary school (Junior high, for my readers in the overseas), I was pretty much a waste (with gusto, lol). Where do I even start? I was  a noisemaker, that never used to study, I was dirty, I used to wet the bed at my old age, was a liar, what did I not do? Gosh, I thank God for puberty. The funny part was that I still had a lot of friends, till now I still wonder why. That’s not the main story. I had this friend who was a twin, I did not like having just one friend, who wanted to do everything together, but this one was different o, cos somehow she stuck.

Guess what guys? As if being a waste was not enough for me already, I now got chicken pox!

Now to the main matter, I never told her this but this friend got even closer during this period when everyone was running away from the pox (who wouldn’t). Look, she fetched me water when I needed it, she got me food, she stayed around, and the one that even got me the most was the fact that, one night, after I had used up all my clean clothes, especially my bed-sheets (as expected, since I was, like a leaking machine). NB she knew this, but borrowed me her blanket like bed sheet (which means it was hard to wash) and guess who messed the whole thing up the next morning? Me of course, and guess what, she washed it (even though I was infectious) and I think she even gave me back to use again. I didn’t express my thanks the way I felt it but I never forgot that gesture. Never.

Puberty happened, I stopped being a waste and wetting the bed, we’re not as close anymore (Time and chance happeneth to them all, lol) and we all have our own friends now, but I don’t think I can possibly forget what she did. I remember it every-time I think about what friendship really means, and I try my best to follow after the example she showed me, the funny part is, she had no idea.

It’s Christmas, folks, be a friend to somebody. Do something nice, it might seem small, but I bet you, it might change a life, like this one did mine.

Do you have similar experiences, where friends have shown themselves friendly like mine? Share with us in the comment section! Let’s have fun, it’s Christmas.

See you tomorrow.