OMG It’s day or more like midnight 3, lol. I’m so excited!

I know, this isn’t supposed to be a big deal, but it so is! cos Lord knows I had no idea what to blog about as at 8:00pm today. I was still stuck, this is the point where I started asking myself who sent me to do blogging challenge, lol.

Today’s about knowing when it’s enough. When to draw the line between asking and being a beggar, talking and screaming. When is it okay to draw the line, when does correction become abuse? Friendship become intrusion?  Is there even a clear line, so we know when to stop? When to just quit trying? The line between convincing and bugging?

Yessssssssss, there’s a line ( didn’t see that one coming, did ya) . Not only do we know when to stop, I believe that somewhere in our subconscious, we always know when we’ve crossed the line.

It’s Christmas, among all the other wonderful things to do. Respect is more crucial in this sharing season than we can possibly comprehend. Respect people, treat them nicely, and in your friendliness and conversations, as much as you want to share, once your instinct gives you that inkling that it’s enough, then it probably is.

Jesus died for us, but still he doesn’t impose himself on us. Once you know when to stop, then just stop.

See you later on day 4.  I love you readers for sticking to my crazy schedule more than you know.

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