Hello guys,

It’s day 4!!! *dancing*

I honestly cannot believe I’m still doing this as these have been my busiest days in such a while (Oshe, I feel like gold that gets tougher in the fire, lol)

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I’m just going to put up a quote that means a lot to me and would probably bring about world peace if we all did what the quote says. It’s by the late Maya Anjelou.

“When you get, give.

When you learn, teach.”

This singular and short quote is why people have risen and fallen from great heights. Just apply this from things as minor as pocket tissue and gum, to things as major as the gospel.

It’s Christmas folks, please share. He shared His son with us and now we have life. Please share something(s) with people this Christmas, and watch joy come speedily into your life.

See you on day 5

Muaaaah (Don’t forget to leave a comment😄)