Hi guys!!

Day 5 is here (gosh, I’m still doing this! I’ve not gotten tired yet, I’m so excited, it’s going to be a personal blogging milestone for me, when i’m done, cos mehn, consistency is tough but it’s so worth it)

So in Nigeria, there are a lot of beggars on the streets, a lot. Even children beg on the streets, some alone, some accompanied by their parents. A lot of times, the dilemma is: to give or not to give them. Well, I think that is hugely personal and I cannot out rightly give you an answer to that, but I can tell you something about giving to family.

It’s so easy to give to strangers, people in homes, charity organisations, and all that good stuff, but giving to people that affect us, that we have been given the opportunity to do life with, is a different ball game entirely. Sometimes we think we don’t necessarily have to, especially considering the fact that we know these people, we know their weaknesses, how much they annoy us, etc, but have we ever stopped to think that if the people in all these homes had family members that could do their best for them, would they be in this situations? no. So in order that, our family members do’t end up as charity cases, from strangers, please give to your family.

It’s christmas, the good thing about giving to family is, you know the things they actually need and want. Share joy, good times, property, food, etc, with your family members this season. Before you think of someone really far, think of those with needs just around you. Make your mum happy, get your Dad a gift, your nephew’s wanted a basketball for too long, your sister needs a flute, etc. Just do something for family. God made us His family, by giving us His son, and now we have life and we’re members of a big family. You see? God loves family. Please give to family this season, regardless of their actions. Everyone’s happier that way. I love you guys, thank you so much.

I love you guys!!! See you on day 6.