I come in dancing … It’s day 6!

I hope you guys have been learning and having as much fun as I have on this blogging challenge.

So, what’s for today?

Today, I’m going to share a note that contains a few tips to myself, and maybe you too.

Life’s been funny these days Bimpe, more questions than answers, more deliberations than solutions, it’s easy to lose hope and lose your self too in the mix, but whenever you’re confused, just remember the one that gave you all, you mean the world to him and he always has answers.

You can tell everyone else a lie, but please don’t lie to yourself. The earlier you know, accept and imbibe this, the better for you.

Hug really tight, smile really hard, give as much as you can, spend time with family and friends, because tomorrow, everything changes.

You woke up. He gave you that gift, you know what that means Bimps? It means there is still hope.

Choose your battles.

He’s the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He’s never lost a battle, and He’s your father. If that doesn’t make you confident in this dark and twisted world, baby girl I don’t know what will.

You’re your only competition.

-with love, yourself.

I love you guys. See you tomorrow on day7.

Don’t forget to share notes to your self with us, in the comments section. Mwaaaaaaaaahhh