Yo folks!

How are y’all doing?

Today was supposed to have a guest post but due to some complications, it’ll come next Monday. (Mehn, y’all better be excited cos that post is the bomb).

So since today’s a Monday, but it’s still the blogging challenge, it’s an MCM post (Music Collection Monday) but an unusual one, cos I’m not sharing the lyrics of the whole song today, just the message behind it.

“We are here, we are here, for all of us, we are here for all of us, that’s why we are here.” -Alicia keys

Wait!, you think you’re on this earth for your selves¬†alone? Don’t be silly, buddies. We are here for all of us, that’s why it’s not just one person on the planet.

We are here to raise each other up, to weep and rejoice with each other, to give tight hugs to our friends when no words can persuade them, to fight for the future generations by laying good foundations now, to love and cherish those that think they are nothing, to share food and the gospel to the needy, to be a shoulder, to give, to live peace and not war, to share the spirit of Christmas (giving all).

That’s why we’re here y’all. So let’s start going about the real reasons we’re here from today yeah?


See you on day 9.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on other reasons you think we’re here, or how this post has nudged you to go further with things you already know.

I love you guys. A billion kisses (oh, giving those is soooo part of why we’re here too, lol.)