Hey guuuuys,

It’s day 9!!! Yaaay

Hope you’re all good and have been having all the fun possible on this challenge, those of you that have consistently been checking this blog every day to see how it’s going, you’re the real MVP, mwaaaaaaaaahhh.

So today I’ll be telling a short story, the point of this story is ‘someone is always watching you’ so live your best life, give everything your best shot cos you don’t know who you’ll inspire in the process.

In junior high school, I hated mathematics. Like, I hated it so badly. I was  lazy, the math teacher and my mates knew it so they didn’t bother anymore. Then it turned out, during one holiday, that my Dad decided to plague my life by bringing one of my uncles to coach me in mathematics almost EVERY DAY! I was mortified, lol. However, I just had to learn it sha, so I knew the first  3 to 5 topics of the next terms’s curriculum in my text book really well.

I resumed school (JSS 3) a bit late, on the 3rd day actually. There was a new math teacher. I just entered the class, saw a nice looking young man teaching math, It was okay. I entered the class and behold, the topic they were being taught, I already did it at home over the holidays. Oshe! The teacher then asked a question, and I answered it (wrongly, lol) but my answer showed that I knew my stuff. Note that I had just entered the class and wasn’t there when they were being taught.

It was time for the quiz, of course I knew all the answers, they had literally sang the dang thing into my ears the whole holiday, so I answered it all and took it forward to submit. The teacher marked it, was surprised someone got it all, looked at me and went “you’re one of the hot (AKA smart) ones abi?”

Wait!!! This new man  that had no idea of my hatred and below average history in mathematics, thought I was one of the smart ones? My whole life shifted that day, I was like “ehn ehn? So I get to start over and this man already thinks I’m smart”, that singular sentence changed my life. I enrolled for math lessons, started studying really hard, even if it was only math, made friends with the math gurus in my class and soon enough, I became one of them.

I promise you guys, this man had no idea, all he had to do was think I was one of the gurus. Now, math is one of my favourite subjects and I only ever had a B, maybe once or twice in mathematics, throughout my university. I always aced it, even if I didn’t do as well in other courses. All because some man thought I was smart.

You have no idea who your words or actions will reach and influence, so exude all the positive energy you can and be a good influence this season. It’s Christmas.

Have a great day people,

See you on day 10!!!!!

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