There’s a glory of the sun, scorching at noon, the day blood red in its wake

There’s the glory of the moon, gotten from the glory of the sun, in its glow, and the peace it brings with it, signifying the end of another day, another dream, another pain, another time.

Then there’s the glory of THE SON, not to be compared with any other, majestic, enduring, forever unchanged, changing lives forever. The glory of the one in whom the moon and sun derive their glory.

There’s the glory of the uncreated one, all powerful, all fierce, all victorious, all encompassing, filled with compassion, all impacting, burning with love, burning with beauty and mercy.

This glory shows the one who’s one, three in one, many things in one, yet unchanging. THE WAY that shows the way

The glory is the glory of the river that never dries, the fire that cleanses and burns in the midst of bushes, but doesn’t burn the bushes, the beginning and the unending end.

I can tell you about the glory of the scorching Sun, the glory of the peaceful moon, and many others but there’s one that leaves me forever wondering, forever in wonder, forever in awe, forever questioning, yeah. It’s the glory of THE FOURTH ONE IN THE FIRE, of THE FIRE THAT WALKS ON WATER


Merry Christmas!!!💃💃💃💃