“Grace, what have you done?” -Hillsong United

2015 has been a year of grace, both personally and on bimpeshappyplace.com. I’m not here to tell you how much I have done in the year, previous years I could have done that, but this year?? It’s been grace. Like, literally, I have done nothing this year to deserve how blessed I have been. I honestly do not know how to explain it enough, but I’m thankful.  I started this year as a confused individual with no job, and a blog that wasn’t doing well in terms of things that mattered to me. It was a funny year, with minimal expectations. I just wanted a bloody job! Guess what, I got two jobs, and I’m not talking just any kind of jobs, but jobs that are fulfilling and well sought after, and in those jobs, God so favoured me.

This post is one of thankfulness, who would have thought I could be consistent enough to even think of a ten day blogging challenge, not to talk of executing it. So below are a few of the billion things I’m thankful for that happened this year.

I made the move from beempay.tumblr.com and started blogging on bimpeshappyplace.com (One of the things I’m happiest about) and have over 25 posts so far.
I’ve had the best feedback from my blog readers, both in the comment section and via other means. I’m so glad I have you guys. I love you!!! You guys made my 2015.
I got two dream jobs.
I got over three guest posts in the short period of this blog’s existence, and there are more coming next year even. I already have one in store, and I didn’t even have to request for it, see the God I serve?
I had a 10 day blogging challenge, stopped on day 9 but that was intentional, I wanted to make today the tenth day, but plans changed.
Honestly, this year, I fell the most times spiritually but God made me understand a lot of things, most especially the fact that He is with me despite my shortcomings and that He’s in this for the long haul. He is committed to helping me reach the finish line.
I understood a whole lot more about people this year, based on real life experiences that were shared with me. Now I no longer see life the way I used to, far from it actually, really far.
I was a bridesmaid for the first time!!! You will not understand this if you do not know how much I love love and people in love. Get schooled, buddy, read old posts.
My family moved exponentially this year, God has brought us so much closer to where we’re going in a lot of ways.
God saved me from One chance!!!! Twice! (If you live outside Nigeria and don’t know what that means, lemme know, I’ll explain the miracle to you).
God brought a bunch of  wonderful people into my life this year too that have helped me advance in several areas, by His grace.

Look, I might sound like a broken record but if you trust in this God enough to give your life to Him, even on days when you do not trust Him as much, He takes total charge and changes things miraculously for you. I promise.

In the next few posts, I might be bold enough to note down my goals for the year 2016 on the blog as I’ve seen my friend do on her blog here, to make myself more accountable and to also give an insight so you blog readers know what I’m up to, and how much progress I’ve made. Not entirely sure if I will, but I’ll keep you guys posted, whichever way.
In 2016, I hope and pray that we all enjoy more of God’s grace, achieve more and get involved in more partnerships that’ll move my life forward. Please guys, set goals, written ones and run with it diligently. I know God will help as many of you that do.

If you’ve had great moments reading this blog in 2015, lemme know  through the comment section and also lemme know what you want to see more of on this blog next year.

Its been great making you happy in 2015. 2016 will be even better!

-Wishing you a Happy New Year with thankfulness, Bimpe
(Oh, yeah that’s my bridesmaid picture, I know, I know, I can barely recognize myself too, lol)