I was going through some history a few days ago, a list of world powers in since the beginning of time, as known by man,  and I got major goosebumps, I couldn’t handle it, OMG, they have been so many. I mean, its outrageous what time and chance does to us all, and how fleeting power really is. So many nations have ruled the world and it would seem like they’ll never stop, by the extent of power and control they have,  just until a leader dies or a woman causes division, and boom! Everything changes, another world power again and the cycle goes on and on, some longer than the other, but eventually power always changes hands.  I mean, it makes me so scared of where the world could possibly go.

In the midst of this scary research though, a certain peace covered me, through and through, this peace brought another set of goosebumps to my skin but this time, good ones. The kind of goosebumps you get when you know something good is near.

It came because I understand something, that Greece might have been conquered and China might have lost ground, Babylon the great might have fallen and Troy might have lost out, but there is one who was, who is and will be forever. If there is one thing that gives me security, it’s that the one I serve lives and reigns forever.

So whenever I  get scared when I read about Hitler, or get worried when I see how the so called world powers are living, I reassure myself of this one truth. It’s that the most powerful ruled before Babel, and will still rule even after the world ends and guess what? I’m his daughter and you can be too. That makes me feel so secure in this world of fleeting powers.

The lion is the king of all beasts, timeless in its royalty and majesty. It doesn’t struggle, strategically it positions itself among and consistently defeats animals larger than it is. It has been and will always be king of beasts.

Errrrrm, the God I’m talking about is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah … Go figure, buddies.