I saw the Titanic twice ,

Once on TV, and the other time, in my life

They were very similar, really strong ships, both living proofs that anything was possible,

They were both built to stand regardless, the world had boasted of them

Nah, these ones are different, they won’t sink, regardless of the storm

Their builders (parents) had sworn to everyone who would hear

And these ships didn’t dissapoint, beautifully, they were cruising

Thinking they were unsinkable “let them come” they said to themselves

They boasted of their qualities, told the rich, the dying and the bettors to come in

They could take the pressure, no shaking the Titanic

Just until this berg came, the ice that comes once in never

You see, they were bringing amusement, happiness and even love to some

Little did the Titanic know, they were sinking fast

Falling in despair, yet nothing could save them now

I saw the Titanic twice, but there were two different endings

One tragic, the other drastic

They both fell, but they didn’t both sink

The second time, the ship wasn’t wiser or lovelier, it was just as gullible and naive, but this time around there was an anchor

It was drowning, sinking, but the anchor fought the waves and the berg, even when the Titanic was tired and could fight no more

As long as it held on to the anchor, it stayed afloat

I saw the Titanic twice, scratch that, I’m still seeing it the second time around

All her boasting’s come to nought, the storm has revealed she has nothing she thought she had, to make her stand

But her anchor stands, unshakable, proven through generations

And as long as this anchor stands, she does too

Even on days like this, when it seems like all she does is fall.

There is hope in the promise of the son,

You gave everything to save the world you love

And this hope is an anchor for my soul

Our God will stand, unshakeable.”        -Hillsong United


Have a great week guys, it’s still an MCM (Music Collection Mondays ) post, just a different type. It’s a new year, remember? So we’re figuring out new ways to do things.  I hope you got the message. Lemme know through the comment section, how do you guys feel about this diversity in MCM posts?