“We are here, we are here for all of us, we are here for all of us, it’s why we are here” -Alicia keys

Just before I posted anything today, I looked through my blog and recent posts, and wondered to myself when I became so deep. I mean, this is a happy place right? What’s with all the deep posts of late? And then I realized my question answered itself … I started this blog so people could come and find happiness and solace, especially in the realization that they’re not alone in this struggle, and to rejoice with each other in the triumphs as well. So hey, if you’ve been wondering like me too, why I’ve not blogged about love stories in a while like I used to on the old blog here, and why my posts are not as animated, it’s because we live in a world where, sometimes we cry ourselves to bed and sometimes we simply cannot stop laughing because the bus conductors in Lagos might have missed their calling of being comedians.

So guys, whether in my joyful posts or in my overly deep ones, just know that the end goal is to bring happiness to everyone that reads this blog, and to make you know, both on the good and bad days, that you’re not alone in this.

You know what really got me thinking though, it’s this blog planner  I got by Cassie of Cassiedaves.comthat has a manifesto, where we’re supposed to put the purpose for our blogs, it got me thinking about why exactly I’m blogging,  and just like Alicia keys, I want you all to know that ” I am here, I am here for all of us, I am here for all of us, it’s why I am here”.

I hope you leave here happier than you came  -Bimpe(The Misfit)