“You waste all of your winter, waiting for sun, waiting for sun” -Imaginary Future

Happy New Month guys!!!! It’s February and the first MCM for this month!! The year has already kicked off in full swing, for those of you that are still dragging, hehe, today’s post is for you.

It’s the easiest thing in this life to find yourself still setting goals for the year in October, waiting for conditions to be perfect, still waiting to get that money before we start the business, waiting for your connected grand cousin to help you make headway. Well, wake up and smell the coffee buddy, that’s not gonna happen.

I’m one of the masters of procrastination ever, and it’s the most comfortable place to be in, because there are so many people there to keep you company.

However, guess what, that’s not gonna happen in this year. Nope, I choose not to spend all my winter waiting for sun, I choose to build snow men and make fireplaces for my family to live in. That’s where we should be. Thankfully, Cassie Daves, a fellow blogger, came up with the smartest thing (a blog planner) that has helped me set goals better, keep up and review my goal, as well. It’s just the end of January, but I’m closer ¬†now than I thought. I”ll review the blog planner in another post soon. It’s indeed a dream come true.

So the thing is, that whole yearly goal thing could be ambiguous for some, I get you perfectly. I’ve been there, so maybe just start with baby steps right? Set goals for the week, and then goals for the month too. Then you progress and grow from there. Please set realistic and achievable goals, but don’t forget to challenge yourself. I promise you, you can do this. I’ll share my goals for the month of February in the next post and you guys can tell me all about yours too so we’ll hold each other accountable year?

This year is not for the dreamers folks, its for the doers, period.

“Do not despises these small beginnings” –¬†Zechariah 4:10. I think the small beginnings we despise the most are our own. This is because we know just how much greatness lies in us, and so cannot stand the thought of this seemingly small start. Buck up buddy, we will be fine.

Have a lovely month and let me know in the comment section below, how the setting of goals go. Make sure you’re accountable to someone else other than yourself.

So let’s do this!!!!