Hiiiiii guys,

How’s the “love month” going? … and please please please don’t tell me you don’t believe in valentine’s day,keep your pessimism to yourself.

I do not understand how anyone can SINCERELY say they don’t believe in a day set out to appreciate your loved ones. That post is for another day.

Sooo, back to what we’re really talking about. Today, I’m going to be sharing my February blog goals, that I talked about in my last post, in order to make me accountable to myself and you guys, and in order to encourage you all to set your own timely and realistic goals too.  It doesn’t have to be one whole page and full of ambiguous things. Start somewhere, with maybe weekly goals, then you progress. So there goes:

-Get a hang on at least two ways social media can help me be a better blogger and attract more views to the blog
-Learn and apply at least 2 DIY  tips on branding the blog better (The readers definitely have to notice)
-Despite the busy season at work, try to squeeze in 2 posts every week
-Figure out the best way to do a giveaway (#cassiedavesblogplanner) next month
-Be consistent and innovative with your MCM blog posts.

Those are my February blog goals,  and I’m already working on achieving them. What are your February goals, guys? Let me know in the comments section. They generally should not be more than five. Keep them precise and short.

On to the next agenda, on life in the tough lane. gosh, the past week was a week, lol. It’s the month of love but last week was full of many things but love. Work and good friends were a huge place of solace though. I hope and pray this week is better. In the spirit of love and giving, though, It’s important to note that, the tough lane is the victory lane. What keeps you going when everything is messy, tough and everyone seems to be taking a piss is the ability to remember that, it’s only people that are hurting that hurt others. So take time to love that annoying person, maybe they need love too. The knowledge of that and knowing that Christ has already won every battle you can ever face keeps you victorious. At least, that’s what applied to me.

Have a blessed week guys.