You see , that’s all we really got at the end of the day. All. We love our friends but they come and go. We might hate our family, but they’re here to stay.
With them, we might not know it but we can be naked, in and out. Maybe not consciously but they know us, really know us.
We’re stuck with these folks. For every time you look at your huge nose, and for every time you see how wide your hips could get, or observe how quiet/talkative you could get, you silently acknowledge that you’re part of a family, regardless of how you have publicly rejected them. (Plastic surgery or not, you can’t change your genes, lol
So yeah, family is all we’ve got
You can fight with them, but you can’t really fight them. Cos you’re them, or will be someday.
Based on all these facts, you know what I’ll advise – the happiness dose?
It’s that, you love them as best as you can. Just love them
Accept them, tolerate them, love them. And you can, because just as they know you inside out, you know them too and how you can get past this.
We have two families that we have got to love. The one God gave us, and the one we got to choose (our friends). Choose those wisely. Love ’em both. Kiss them and tease them until they’re tired. Especially on the days they piss you off the most and are pests like my boo’s (aka my siblings).
Be there for them, when they’re sad. Sing for them when you don’t know what else to do. And hug them for no reason.
Life is not a bed of roses, I promise you but that’s why we have family. We lift each other up and make the journey easier for each other. Be the family member you want to see.
Your month’ll be happier, I bet. Lemme know how that goes, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Happy New month, I love you guys more than you know.