Yo!!! How have you guys been? Work’s not been as busy this past week.

Soooo, I decided to post a poem for y’all today from my collection (Oshe, go Bimps with the poem collection). It’s about the life of an ideal preacher and what he could do, and then the life of MY PREACHER, and how different He is from the ideal. I hope you find happiness in the truth of the life my preacher offers.

The Life of my Preacher

Imagine a holy God
High up above, knows it all, sees it all
Sending orders and plagues down as He wishes
Condemning to hell, raising festivals of fire
He’s the only good one, there’s no point
He gave us a choice, we already chose Lucifer anyways … (or maybe lucifer cos his name does not qualify to be written in capital letters)
He’ll be there, enjoying his throne, can’t be bothered
Angels at His beck and call, time in His palms
He chooses to preach to us, He knows the end though
Curiosity drove man out of the garden, still drives him
but this one didn’t come to preach to me
He came to be me, to feel what I feel
He took all I had, all my burdens
My sorrows, pains in a beautiful exchange
Took my rags and gave me gold
That is the life MY PREACHER  lived

I hope you loved the poem, and live in the glorious light of this preacher. So tell me guys, I see Him as a compassionate preacher, how do you see Him? Let’s share, give examples in the comment section below.

Have the bestest day you’ve ever had.