Sometimes, I see myself as an escapist, and no I don’t mean someone that lives in a world of fantasy and denial of all that’s going on around them,just someone that desires that things be different, and believes it’ll be.

This song by the weepies is an acquired taste kinda song, it was one of my least favourite of their songs. just until I listened hard enough to get a message behind it, and it is man’s desire to have a better life, for me in this case, a simple life.

Don’t you just want to wake up in the mornings close to your loved ones in, singing to each other, eating, doing the job you love and coming home to joy, without having worries or knowing everything will be fine? (I told you -escapist, lol). Well, I do. Maybe it’s the part of me that can’t wait to get to the city without walls, to have all the fun forever. But I know, that I want to live a simple life.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did, and maybe for a second (not more, that’ll be wallowing), allow  yourself dream of what it’ll be like and work hard as heck to get that life. 

Simple Life by the Weepies

Can I get up in the moming
Put the kettle on
Make us some coffee, say “hey” to the sun…
Is it enough to write a song and sing it to the birds?
They’d hear just the tune
Not understand my love for words
But you would hear me and know

I want only this, I want to live
I want to live a simple life.

I dreamed you first
But not so real
And everyday since I’ve found you
Such moments we steal
Like little thieves, we rub our hands
We hold our hearts between them.
But will you hear me and know?

I want only this, I want to live
I want to live a simple life.

Move on, move on
Time is accelerating.
Drive on all night
Traffic lights and one-ways.
Move on, move on
Parking violations waiting
Turn off the car, breathe the air
Let’s stay here.

I’ll kiss you awake, and we’ll have time
To know our neighbors all by name
And every star at night.
We’ll weave our days together like waves
And particles of light.

I want only this, I want to live
I want to live a simple life.

-The Weepies