Yo peeps!!! (cos I’m gangsta now, lol)
Gosh, it’s been a few weeks, anyone miss me? I know, I know, I missed you guys more.

I have a certain fascination with letters, and so I  started this series called “letters to Trish” a few months ago. It’s a series of letters exchanged between Trish and her friend Bimpe based on the happenings in their lives, starting with boys and friendship of course. (Hey, I had to use my name too na. A girl has to make herself feel important once in a while right?). I really hope this series will evolve into something bigger, but for now, I’m taking it as it comes. The letters have nothing to do with me though. My life is not this fun or filled with this much poetic genius. Also, I don’t write letters, neither do I have a best friend in some distant city lol.

I reeeaaally hope you guys enjoy the letters. Today’s is the second in the series, and a reply from Trish to her friend Bimpe’s letter. To understand and follow the thought process behind it, you probably have to read the first letter. Eazy peezy, just click here . That way, you get it easier yeah?

Lemme know what you think in the comment section below, and if anyone of you have real life friends in distant cities you send letter so (gosh, that’d be so cool, lol). I really want to hear from you guys.

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Dear Bimpe,

It took me this long to reply because I had no inkling as to what to say
You read my letter wrongly though, as I ‘m happier than I’ve ever been
And more than anything I wish you would be too
I meant in my first letter, that age doesn’t care what you think because I know you’re a perfectionist
I know how smooth you want things to go
I know you believe in fairy tales and prince charming coming to sweep you off your feet
Anything different from that is something less

I know you

However, I know that sometimes fairytales are boring
I know that diamonds are not usually found in smooth places
and to get gold, oooh you have to dig really deep
I have learnt that smooth does not necessarily mean good
and I have seen in my life, that love shows itself best sometimes from a broken heart
So no, don’t settle
but I want you to open yourself up to a fact
and it is that everything is not what it seems
It is that joy is appreciated more when sorrow has been seen
at least, that’s what he tells and shows me
that he loves me more because he’s been on the wrong side
Oh, he thought there was better
but now he thinks I’m the best.
No, I did not settle,
I just saw precious stones in the most raw form it could be
I saw love, in something unseen
How glad I am that I did,
And the other girl, oh, she’s a huge part of our lives
She has taught us all we shouldn’t do
The rejection he suffered from her groomed him into the man he is now
I’ll forever be grateful to her for my husband
Yeah, I said husband because we are to wed in a three weeks
I know you love me and are looking out for my best interest
which is why I would have no other walk me down the aisle
as you have been a rock since my parents died

I can’t wait for you to meet him
to see what I see, as I knew you were always deeper than the rest of us
And those who didn’t know you mistook it for being harsh,
But I can’t wait to hear your perspective on more things in this light
To show me even more good than my eyes can possibly behold
I love him, Bimps
and the only thing more joyful than this, is knowing how much he loves me too
I am not settling for him, I promise you

When I picked him, he hadn’t picked me just yet
but now our life is even better than the one in my dreams
I can’t wait to see you
And hug you so hard like I used to
You’ll love this city, it has a lot of quiet places like you like
and the picket fences in my neighbourhood are just like wisteria lane – your dream street
I love you … Don’t be too busy to write back.

Love, Trish.