I’m not a football fan … I do not like the wait, I wish they would just score goals every second. The suspense is killing. However, on one of my client’s site recently (from the office), we used to have lunch at this place where football is shown on the screen every single day so I kinda had no choice but to watch football for about 4 weeks while we were working on this project. The good thing is, it was mostly highlights they showed during lunch, so I was okay with seeing all the action and the goals, lol.

Apart from the goals, something else caught my eye about football, it’s the teams. (I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, How do you mean Bimps? The teams are literally all there is to see in football). When I say the teams, I mean, the effortless and silent,  yet potent communication that drives members of a football team

I learnt a couple of things about how a team should really work, and the amazing advantages that can come with playing as a team:

-In football, everybody knows their place, and no one feels any less, because every one is relevant, no matter how little. There’s the striker, the defender, the keeper, and a couple of others. The defender does not feel any less important because it is the striker that gets to score most of the goals, no! The striker might give goals, but guess what? the defender is preventing the opposition team from getting in. The keeper might not score goals, but he sure as heck would make sure the other team does not score as well. It is amazing the wonders we can do in this life when we know our place, and work hard to excel in it, instead of spending time trying to be like other people.

-When one person wins, the whole team wins. This is the most baffling part of it. One person may score the goal, but the whole team has moved forward in the league ranking. Not just one person, the whole bloody team. That is a team! Not where one person takes all the glory and makes others look incompetent, No! But where one person excels and every other person excels too, because it’s a team, and everyone contributed somehow to that goal.

-Guess what other football lesson is amazing? In every  strong team that always seems to be winning, there are a lot of good players and there are weak ones too, but it doesn’t even matter! The weak member is a member of a strong team, and that makes the person stronger, just cos of that! The team covers up for individual weaknesses. Meanwhile on a weak team, even the strong members cannot shine! Individual weaknesses, all of a sudden begin to show up. It taught me, possibly the biggest lesson, it’s that your team makes you!

-In football, the manager is a great part of the team, and even when the team is full of such wonderful players, and the manager is not competent or up to the task of handling such skilled, but different kinds of people, the team fails! In a team, it eventually all boils down to who you’re following … who your manager is. I’m so glad my manager is Jesus, and that way any team I’m on, is always going to be on point. Our leader is.


These are just a few of the lessons I learnt in my four weeks of watching football. There are so many more, but I’m glad I shared them with you, and I hope it impacts your team spirit too, and makes you better team players.

Have you been a part of teams that didn’t work out so greatly? How do you think you could have done better? Do you have any other lessons you’ve learnt from football that can make us better and happier people? Share all these in the comments section! I want to hear from you guys.

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I hope you leave here happier than you came.