Guyzzzzzz!!!! (I was told by a friend recently, that I use too many exclamation marks, is that true?). So I saw the movie ‘war room’, last week. I’m really late to the party, I know, I know (You don’t need to be so loud about it)


But gosh, it was such a nice and funny movie, and it reminded me so much of something I haven’t been living out so much in recent times – The great commission. Which is one of the reasons for this post, and also the real reason we don’t die immediately we get saved; To go out into the world, and not to judge or condemn or show how holy we are, but to MAKE DISCIPLES. Jesus told ALL OF US, not just the pastors or those people we see in church and think are in a different realm, as they are always so spiritually on point, and write such beautiful christian articles and posts. Sometimes we get so lost in this world, and in our busy lives that we think we need some special occasion to go preach, pray for lost folks or continue the mission Christ started. But no, our lives and our words have to preach everywhere we go. All nations, folks. That’s what Jesus said. It takes time, grace, oh especially grace. But He wouldn’t tell us to do it, if He didn’t think we could, if we just listened more to Him, and ask for his help (and not be ashamed of the one that gave us life)

Here are a few lessons I learnt. Note that these majorly apply to me, and I thought to share, so we can all learn

1. “Our lives a tapestry of grace, your hand has weaved together, in You no thread will ever fray, this hope is ours forever”- Hillsong United.

I’ve always been fascinated by how connected we are in the spirit through God, how a person in a far away land can be the answer to your prayers, or how a mother’s prayers can save her long  lost son, from himself, and several more. However, this movie brought it more to light. Miss Clara learned the hard way, but she prayed to God that she might help someone else so they don’t go through what she did, and someone somewhere was struggling, and Jesus knew just the right person to lead her to. I promise you, our lives are like a tapestry, he weaves all of us together to meet each other’s needs in his own perfect way.

2 Everyone needs a Miss Clara (helper).

I’ve been going through some stuff lately, fighting battles in and with myself, and a couple of times I’ve asked God to help me, but I still am not getting it right, and several times, I’ve heard His spirit speak to me, telling me I need to talk to someone other than myself, but this movie … it just nailed it. I know, for some of us, like me, It is the hardest thing to tell people our issues, as we would just rather solve it on our own, or die trying. However, God put these people in our lives for a reason, and I pray that somehow God will send a Miss Clara to y’all that are dying in silence, and she/he will hold your hand and encourage you where they need to, while you find your way back to peace.

3. Both you and God cannot drive this car.

We love control, but no car driven by two people ever made it to the finish line. Have you ever heard of a car driven by two people? It’s probably because they all died and no one lived to tell us the story. Let God handle it! I’m still learning this too, because like I said earlier, it’s hard for some of us to let go, and let God, to forgive others and forgive ourselves. But we cannot hold on, our lives are too big for us to handle, we will definitely fail. So let God drive the car. He created you, so He knows you more than you even know yourself. Like miss Clara said “If you want victory, you’re gonna have to surrender”.

4. We have an enemy

I would looove to tell you that life is going to be all rosy, and stuff but darlings, we do have an enemy, the devil. But guess what? The battle against our enemy the devil has already been won!! However, he wants to make sure you don’t know this, because he knows that your freedom comes from this knowledge and he wants to steal from you, and kill, and destroy, but you have gotta stand firm in the victory that Christ has given you, baby. Stand in victory, and stop fighting the wrong enemies. You have to stand in prayer, consistently and the study of the word. Oh it might not be easy, and I know this because I battle with it myself too, but God’s grace helps, so it gets better  by the day. Take that baby step. Start reading your bible at home, start with praying for five minutes, start praying for your friends, and the church. Stand in victory, you already have it.


5. Don’t tone down the Jesus.

Gosh, the rate at which the enemy is spreading his lies, in this modern age, is so fast, it scares me. Everything is right in man’s eyes nowadays, and I wonder why Christians cannot see it! It is so fast. He’s aggressive cos he knows he doesn’t have much time, meanwhile those of us that carry the truth are hiding! We’re scared to talk about Jesus, we’re scared to stand for what we believe, we’re too busy trying to be like the world, it’s embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of this sometimes too, but it is time to start fighting for the souls of men,and more movies like this should be produced, to encourage Christians in the lord.  It is time to take our stand in prayers for our friends that are not saved. It is time to welcome people home, instead of chasing them away with theological arguments, and judgement. Jesus is the ONLY hope for this world. ONLY, and the earlier we get concerned about this, the better for all of us … and the more of our friends we get to see in Heaven. I sure, wouldn’t mind that.

Also note that we’re all going through stuff, so the biggest help you can give to your friends, (both Christians and non Christians) is prayer, and lotssssssss of hugs.

Have you guys seen the movie “war room?”. Did you guys enjoy it? Share what you learnt and lemme and all the other readers learn some more


I hope you leave here happier than you came