On my way back from work a few days ago, I was thinking in the most random manner (as I usually do) and then something from earlier in the day came to mind that struck me, so I thought to share.

Move backwards to a few hours before. It was time for lunch and I got some chicken with my rice. Again. For the umpteenth time. I was just bloody tired of having chicken, everyday in a row, for the past two weeks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for chicken. Anytime. I loove Chicken, if you know what I mean, but I was just. Tired.

Now, move backward again to about 15 years before. I was probably coming from school, tired and all, and imagine my surprise when I got home, and it was another day with beef or fish. I just wanted chicken. I couldn’t seem to understand what my Dad or mum was saying, telling us to manage, or telling us that chicken was more expensive than beef, or that times were tough, or that when we worked really hard, we would grow up and be able to buy all the chicken we wanted, or any of the things they were saying. I.just.wanted.chicken. and  I wanted it now.

Chicken was a luxury.

I thought, maybe they just wanted us to suffer, they didn’t like us, maybe they weren’t really our parents, which is why they preserved the chicken for Christmas or special occasions. Yes. They weren’t our parents. They couldn’t be. They didn’t love us

Now, move forward, back to the present, specifically, back to the road I was walking on my way back from work. This blast from the past made me smile. To think that I once thought of chicken as a luxury, and now I couldn’t stand it. Life sure has a way of playing things out, making us love our parents more ( after admitting that they are actually our parents), and God has a way of making us listen when He wants to speak.

When I was in primary school, and wanted to go hang out with friends after work. My mum would tell me – Bimpe, you can’t do that now, when you grow up and are in secondary school you will.  When I got to secondary school, and wanted to paint my nails, She would say – Bimpe, not now. when you get to the university, you will start to paint your nails. When I got to the university and stared liking guys, she didn’t wait for me to ask this time, lol, she would say – Bimpe, don’t have sex with any man, wait till you’re married. It’s more honorable then.

The truth is, it might be curfews, or chicken, or men, or whatever. There will always be something you cannot have right now. It’s okay. It’s why we look forward to the future. We need to look to the future (painful as that may be), cos that impossible rule, that timeline, that hope for the future when you will eat chicken everyday, is there to help, and it is what keeps us surviving when we can’t get what we want right now. Whenever you are tempted to do something prematurely, remember my story about chicken. There will come a time when you will be tired of chicken, and painting your nails, and hanging out with your friends, and having sex too, maybe. But there will be a time when you will have all you complained about and wished for, and then you will get to look forward to having more things. With joy I hope. Embrace the ironic beauty that time is.

When you do a thing at the wrong time, the right time for it never comes. – My Mum