Sometimes I get really tired
The exhaustion that comes from terrorism
The pain that comes from seeing people starve
The hurt that comes from seeing people hurt other people
The tears shed in the light of natural disasters and impending darkness
The gripping sorrow that comes with seeing 2040 people in my country sacked in one week
But then I look at the waves of the sea
And the trees fighting to survive in the drought
The joy that comes from those smiling in pain
The happiness that arises from seeing the only survivor of that natural disaster
The grace that flows to the sinner that repents
The miracle that is the day and night, constant as time
It shows me, it consoles me, it gives me peace, reminds me of what’s coming
Joy bursts in my heart, knowing that these will end
The happiness brings tears to my eyes when I remember
“Oh someday, in the city without walls”
There our pain will end and we will love as we are loved
Honestly, I cannot wait! For the city without walls
And as long as my father is your father, you’ll make it there too,
Where we get to be happy forever, and it never gets dark
However, right here, right now we get to be happy, and hope for what’s coming
For the city without walls


PS: Also, it has no walls??? So cool!!