Hi Guys!!!!

I know, this place is all dusty and stuff, since it’s been forever I’ve been here. Someone even went as far as asking me in paraphrased terms, “so your blog is still functional?”, oh and he didn’t sound as nice as that, I wanted to pluck his eyeballs out, lol.

Anyways, lemme briefly explain (cos I always say, I’ll explain later in another post but I never do yeah?), well I work in an audit firm (for those of you that do not know), and other than the times when I’m just stuck, sometimes we get so busy that we don’t have time for almost anything except work. Well, the past few months has been one of those times, and I can’t promise you I won’t have those times once in a while, but I can promise I’ll always come back cos my day job is plan B, and this blog is plan A, so it’s top priority (plus I love you guys, especially those that stick even when I don’t blog, and ask of me, you’re the bestest).

In light of this, I have been thinking (for a while actually), on how to make things better, more consistent on the blog, and reach out to more people, and so I thought of a few things for which execution starts this month.

Ancient paths …

First, I moved here from an old blog address (beempay.tumblr.com). It was a wonderful blog, and I wrote a lot of great and inspiring things. However, It was not a user friendly platform and so I moved ship. Consequently, I will be sharing posts from there on this blog regularly, especially the ones I feel like, could have benefitted more of you guys but didn’t get the publicity it deserved. Plus I was so much fun then, my posts were a bit different. I’m sure you’ll observe those once I start posting them.

New roads …

On to the next thing, I believe in growing and getting better with age and time, like fine wine. So imagine my surprise when I did a review of my MCM posts and saw that I preferred the ones I wrote when I first started, to the more recent ones. Noo! So I decided to check based on trends, and figure out what went wrong. I then discovered that with the old posts, I only posted on the Mondays when I was truly inspired by a song, but later I started doing it as a routine thing, instead of properly thinking through the songs, especially when I’m super busy at work, and so it got watered down. Never folks, never. So I’ve decided to stop doing MCM every Monday (it’s not like I was super consistent any ways) and do it only when I have time to properly write a quality post based on songs that have inspired me. Deal?

Second thing is, for those who know me really well, you’ll know that I’m a talker, I talk. I’m not a talkative but gosh, sometimes I could go ooon, especially when I’m trying to pass a message and people don’t seem to be getting it, which brings me to introducing the video part of this blog. Yesss, you guessed it. You’re going to start seeing videos that’ll make you happy and not just write ups alone, cow I talk better than I write. In fact, I’m already working on the first video now. Maybe that’ll be the test shot to see how best we can make this work. Let’s embrace the new, folks, as long as it leads to happiness (which is why the blog is here). Deal?

New rivers …

Lastly, there’s a giveaway!!!!! It’s the first one ever on this blog!!! I’m so excited about what I’m giving away, and what it signifies (I’m sure you’re glad you read this long post till the end yeah? Lol)

So what am I giving away ? A blog planner! (Cassie daves blog planner by Cassandra Ikegbune of cassiedaves.com). Honestly it could double as a planner for people who are not bloggers as well, so no restrictions yeah? Everyone can apply for this giveaway. What’s this blog planner about? It’s a customised planning tool for people who just need to get their ideas together and execute better.
So you have all these ideas and thoughts scattered everywhere but it doesn’t culminate into great blog posts. We’ve all been there. And it doesn’t have to be that way. This is a tool designed to help you organise your thoughts, and ideas, and consequently post them on your blog, in a planned and thought out manner. It’s the second half of the year, so your fresh start is right here. You can plan better, think in a more organised way, document your thoughts better and ultimately blog better.

How do you qualify for the giveaway? Easy, just leave a comment showing your interest . Period. I’ll just collate the names of the interested folks, and pick randomly and you’ll have your planner. Are you excited? I’m excited.

I sure hope you leave here happier than you came, and I hope you have a great month as we do awesome things together. Never forget that Jesus is the only way, and that He loves you. Mwaaah