I’m a word person. Heavily. Words get to me. They propel me forward, they stop me in my tracks and they give me a glimpse into the future. Because I know this, I try to be as careful as possible, the things, people, and words I let in my life and in my head, you know. Heavily restricted access.

Words and small gestures of thoughtfulness make me feel valued, or otherwise. I take them really seriously, and I NEVER forget them. I don’t think anyone so far has ever really understood fully, how seriously I take words.

With me it’s words, for some people it’s more of actions, and for some people it’s just gestures. They feel better and more valued when you show them, not necessarily when you tell them.

Life is weird like that, but the point I’m trying to make with this post is, there’s just so much we can do, there’s just so much we can say. Too many things are out of our control. However, what we can do or say,let’s. The few people we can reach, let us reach.

Smiles and happiness means a lot to me and a whole lot of other people, and so smile . When You see folks that need hugs, hug them tightly. Maybe you can’t give hope to those in Pakistan, but you can let your sister know how much you love her. You can let your girl/boyfriend remember what made them love you in the first place. You can smile at your husband like you just met him, and you can call your mum after 2 months. Because it’s the little words, little gestures, and actions that count.

People just want to know that they are valued. It’s one of those random posts, in case we’ve gotten so caught up in our issues or how busy life is.

Its my happy place. It’s why I’m here. Have the bestest day guys. Hugs for dayyyys. I love you but Jesus loves you more and He’s the only way. I sure hope you leave here happier than you came.

– Bimpe

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