I went to the mall one day and got me a tube of Colgate toothpaste (this is not an ad, lol. It’s what I use, is all). I noticed at the beginning when I started using this toothpaste that it was stiff, it seemed like something was blocking the paste from coming out. This made getting toothpaste out of the tube so difficult. Brushing my teeth in the morning was such a chore (it’s always a chore, lol, but this was more than the usual). At first I shared the toothpaste with my cousin. Every morning I’d take some, he’d take some. However after about a week. He had reached the height of his endurance, and so he stopped. He picked up another tube from the store.
I should have done that as well, cos the toothpaste was being really difficult, but I didn’t. I had some feeling of pity, sorta. I didn’t want it to waste (it wasn’t that expensive, I was just being weird cos I bought it myself so I didn’t want to betray it by just leaving it abandoned).
This sounds super hilarious and weird, but it is what I did though.

Now let’s fast forward to a few weeks after. The toothpaste finished, and I had to get another toothpaste. Now this new toothpaste was normal and had no issues. The point I’m trying to make here is, the moment I pressed the new toothpaste, half expecting it to be blocked and give me a tough time, the paste came out so easily, with no grief.

This had become strange to me though, for the past one month or more I had been using a congealed, stuck toothpaste and all of a sudden I had toothpaste that could come out of the tube seamlessly? Oh what joy was in my heart. I wasn’t used to this easy life anymore. I had dealt with the hard toothpaste life for so long that I had begun to think it as normal . When the normal came, I was so impressed and felt so privileged.

It was on realising this that I woke up from my slumber (as I like to call it) . I had been short changing myself and the health of my teeth simply because I had an emotional attachment to a toothpaste that wasn’t good anymore. My cousin stopped, but I kept on. It seemed like such a good thing to do at the time, and it seems ridiculous because it’s toothpaste. It’s not just toothpaste though. It’s the boy you know is not good enough for you, or that relationship you’ve outgrown, or the job you know is leading you nowhere, yet you insist on because your boss is the nicest in the world.

Folks, don’t short change yourself out of life. Don’t get so used to the crappy, that you forget you are good enough to have the best. Don’t start to see a good life, a good job, happiness or a spouse that appreciates you as a privilege. It is not! You are good enough to have these things. You are entitled to have them! An abusive relationship is not the best for you. Don’t be like me and get so used to the wrong things for emotional reasons, while the right thing is staring you in the eye, and others are leaving you behind.
That precious smile your abusive boyfriend gives you once in a while only when he’s happy but you hold on to, to help you stay through all the days he hits you, guess what? There is a guy that’ll give you that smile everyday and look at you like you’re precious, EVERYDAY, because you are. And he won’t hit you. because you deserve better.

Darling, that happiness that seems so far away, you deserve it. Jesus already died for you, please don’t settle and live a life less than what he intended. You can leave that job, you can dump that guy (you’ll be surprised, there’s some really cool hunk waiting on you to do just that ooo), you can leave the church that doesn’t bless you. I hope you have the courage and harden your heart just enough to make the right decision today. I love youuuuu!

Enjoying my new toothpaste