Hey guys!

So I decided to pick up my one of my old journals from my university days cos I was checking for some things, and then I found all these amazing write ups I put down but never published or posted anywhere. It’s amazing how these things work, how much insight I had to things then, how unfiltered and deep my thoughts and writings were, and how much I have grown since then.

Hence, I have decided to write you guys postcards from my university. Assume university is some far place, and you guys are somewhere else, receiving my postcards for the next ten days. This should be fun.

Note that I have tried not to change anything whatsoever, regardless of what I think now, so it’s just exactly as I wrote it, just in case you notice incorrect tenses or repetitions or different writing patterns than you’re used to. So they are actually post cards.

Today’s post card focuses on time and the lesson God taught me regarding it. I hope you learn as I did, and am still learning. Yaay


Post card day 1
On 17 November, 2011 at about 2:20am – 2:40 am, God revealed to me the importance of being at the right place at the right time while I was listening to a song “Anyway” by Point of Grace. He revealed to me that if that woman by the well whom Jesus gave the living water was just a minute/second away from that well, Jesus won’t have met her and she would wouldn’t have brought many people to Christ through her announcement and she’ll probably be in hell because she was an adulterer.

If the man by the side of the cross had not been crucified at the time he was, he wouldn’t have met Jesus and he would have died a thief and probably be in hell as well. If I were sleeping at this time, I wouldn’t have heard this.

N.B I’m not usually awake this late all the time. Time is important. Watch and Pray, my brethren. Ecclesiastes 3:1. NB Not two times, one time.


Really Bimpe, brethren? Really? Lol, What do you think, all??? Let me know if you’ve learnt anything at all, or whatever you think, really, in the comment section! See you on day 2!! Gosh, guys can you tell I’m excited??

Oh and you can read the book of John 4 in the bible, if you are confused. That’s where the bible reference for the postcard is.