Hi guys, it’s day 3!!!!!! *dancing*

Hope the weekend is going well. Today has been a busy but fulfilling day for me as we have this program going on in my home church, for which I had to go to Akure all the way from Lagos today. So it’s going pretty well. How’s yours going?

On to the business of the day, today’s post card is about priorities. So let’s go!

Post card day 3

On 16 September 2012, my aunty told us a story during devotional that made me re arrange my priorities. The story was of a US missionary who had been doing the work of the Lord in Africa for over 20 years with mosquito bites, sicknesses, etc, all for the Lord and so after all this time, he was due for retirement and so packed his family and all his belongings on his way back to America.
He was coincidentally on the same ship with an American military man who was a major part in winning a short war, there was a huge party thrown for this military man for bravery, etc, and a red carpet with major dignitaries in the country to welcome him back home, and then the military man thought and asked God about this, he had been doing God’s work for twenty five years and no one welcomed him, he didn’t even have anyone to and this man fought war of probably less than a month and he was properly welcomed home.
The Lord them spoke to him and asked him “Do you want to come home?” Are you ready to come home and see the reception you’ll get?”
That military guy had gotten home but he hadn’t. He then became ashamed that he even thought of it at all.
Where’s your home? Do you envy the unrighteous? It’s not in your place to do that cos your home is so much better than theirs. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be, so Christian soldiers, re-arrange your priorities. Your treasures are in heaven so let your heart be focused there.

Wow, it’s so amazing to see these things and type them all over again, cos even I’m still learning from my post cards. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Don’t forget to keep your treasures in heaven where they’ll last forever and don’t forget to leave a comment too.

Gosh, I was deep, lol.