Day 4 herrreee!!! *dancing shoki even if it’s out of vogue cos that’s what I know how to dance*, lol

How’s your Sunday going guys? Hope we’re all prepped and ready for work tomorrow. I just got back from Akure this evening so I’m a bit exhausted but these post cards? I’m enjoying them as much as you are so I’ve got to keep them coming.

On to today’s post card, it’s about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our day to day lives. Just read, have fun, learn and comment!!!


Post card day 4
On the 14th October 2012, the Holy Spirit gave me one reason why He’s so important. Cos the devil is a serpent. and he gave me one example of Adam in the garden. God left Adam and Eve during the day, During this period of God’s absence, the devil was able to convince Eve to do what God told her not to, and wasn’t even a minister, GOD himself told her face to face and so if the devil can convince someone God told something himself of the wrong thing, then how much more we who listen from minister’s teachings, e.t.c
N.B: the devil convinced Eve when God left and so the Holy Spirit is always with us every second of every day so we never have to decide on our own and so no matter how cunning the devil is, God is there, He’s in our hearts, He’s not leaving and so he can help us resist the devil.

Have you guys noticed I used a lot of N.B in my post cards.  It seems like I always had extras to say. Jeez, Bimpe you can talk for Africa.

Good night guys!!! I love you!!! See you tomorrow!!!!