Hey folks!

Its day 5 of this series, and I can’t be calm!!!! I’m so excited.

On to the business of today. Today’s post card is about the heart of God and how we sometimes could be ashamed of Him.

Post card day 5

On 14 October 2012, I understood just a little of what God may sometimes feel when we refuse him, and what boldness Hod has given missionaries. I was just behind a row in church and it was time for the altar call, and so they said to raise hands if you want to get born again and so this girl in my front raised her hands, however when they said ‘come out’, she dropped her hands and began talking to her friend, maybe for encouragement or whatever, I don’t know but I do know that she was torn cos she wanted to go and was ashamed or scared of what people might think, I willed her to go, and even prayed for her but she didn’t. I was so sad and I immediately felt ‘I should probably go talk to her and ask to go forward with her, maybe she’ll listen and follow me and let me go with her’ but I couldn’t and something struck me and I realised that we were the same, scared of what people would say, our friends, reputation, etc. She was scared of going to give her life to Christ and I was scared of helping her. I tried to justify this by saying it was an individual decision and all, but I know the Holy Spirit had led me and so I became really sorry and started feeling bad and several things ran through my mind; ‘what if she goes to hell, will it be my fault?, will God blame me in heaven?’. Then I realised that if I was that sad, imagine how God would have felt, not just for that girl and me but for the millions that are ashamed of him, whether they admit it or not, and how many souls have been lost in the process. God’s love is abiding and I prayed that day for boldness, and I realised how bold missionaries are, and I can imagine how great their reward will be in heaven because they are not ashamed of the gospel, and they make God happy.

That was deep. A lot of things have changed since I wrote these things, but the fact that God desires that hearts be won to him, doesn’t change. I ask for grace to make God happy and the grace to stand up for the truth and power that has saved us as well. Amen.

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