Hi loves!!!!

Waizup? I know, I know, why didn’t I put day 6 yesterday, right? Sorry folks, was a bit busy. But day 6 is here!!!!! Are you dancing or am I dancing on my own?

Today’s post card is about light and how easy it is to get used to darkness. Guys, don’t forget that I’m not editing the words from these post cards,  I’m writing them just as I did in my journal. Just in case y’all notice any weird writing patterns, lol. So let’s go!!!


Post card day 6

On 27 June 2013, the Holy Spirit taught me briefly on the reason why it’s important to continually live in the light of God’s word. They took the light in the night, I was kinda frightened so I went outside. It was thick darkness all the way. Very thick darkness, and all of a sudden it didn’t seem as dark any longer. It was relatively still the same darkness but it seemed brighter now.
It seemed and is (was) so dark at first, cos I was fresh from the light but when my eyes started getting used to the darkness (cos that’s what happens without the light of the word), we at first, still have a healthy conscience and hate the darkness, wishing to go back, but if we don’t we begin to speculate and this darkness starts seeming brighter to us and we get comfortable. We may even think we’re in the light. No! We’re not! No feeling or sight (illusion) should deceive you! The darkness is still as thick, and the only cure for it is not to stay in this darkness and get used to it. Go back to the word!! The true light, that’s where the actual light is, and it’s way brighter than comfortable darkness.


Waiiiiit. Did I write that? Mehn, God is good. So guys, get back to the word. That wrong thing has not stopped being wrong, you’re just getting used to the darkness, is all. I love you guys, see you on day 7!!!!!