*sneaking in and posting this, like I don’t know I haven’t posted in 5 days, but believing you guys will understand that I really did try, but there were uncontrollable circumstances beyond my control that made me unable*

Hi guys!!!!!

What’s up?

How was your weekend? Mine was so busy. I was on a bridal train for my friend’s wedding, so it was crazy, but so much fun!! I wish her and her husband the bestest!

In to the post card for today, it’s about fashion and Jesus! You think they don’t relate? Just read the post card first, and thank me later. lol. Have fun.

Post card day 7

You see, my God is a fashion statement. On 27 June 2013, inspiration from the Holy Spirit came, that fashion icons are not in the world but in the word. From Revelations 1:14-16, I understand by the leading of the Holy Spirit that the model for all Christians (Jesus) is a fashionista. His head and his hairs are like white wool, as white as snow, his eyes as a flame of fire, his feet like fine brass, his voice sef like the sound of many waters. Am I the only one? Or he combines colours and effects like SOMETHING ELSE? He is even the master of accessories. In his right hand are the seven stars (let your diamond ring beat that!) and out of his mouth, a two edged sword. He also has carriage abeg, cos his countenance is as the sun shineth in his strength. So what else are you looking for in fashion that is not in Jesus? He is all encompassing. I serve a cool God.
I mean, Bishop David Oyedepo, he starts dressing a way and millions follow. You think they have fashion shows in Paris? Come to Faith tabernacle and you’ll know that Jesus is a fashionista. He’s interested in everything that you’re interested in. If you dress anyhow, I don’t know who your example is o, but it sure ain’t Him!



So guys, you see?? He’s interested in you and everything you’re interested in as well. It may not look like it, but he is. I hope that brings some happiness to someone. See you on day 8!!!