Hey folks,

How’s it going? ¬†Welcome to the new week! Guess what day it is? Day 8! Can you guys believe we’re almost done?? Amazing stuff right? I really hope you guys have learnt as much as I have from these post cards.

Sooooo Let’s get to business. Today’s is about how important temptations and trials are in our lives, and the important revelation they bring too. Have fun!!!!

Post card day 8

Between the 27th and 28 June 2013, from a message I had heard previously and the one I heard, inspiration came on the reason why sometimes we go through tests. Pastor Ojeme explained that if God knows the beginning from the end, then why did He let Abraham go through the stress of almost killing Isaac? Since God knew that Abraham would obey him, and he didn’t truly want a child killed, so why the effort?

Well, God knew, but did Abraham know?

You see, all these trials, you wonder, why? Well I believe it’s sometimes cos God wants you to have an idea of where you stand, because you don’t know until you experience, and if God was boasting about Abraham at any point, he had proofs cos not just him, but the whole world + Abraham now knew and had seen his level of obedience.

Another major example is Ezekiel 37:3-8. Of course, God knew the bones could rise but he told Ezekiel, so not just him, but Ezekiel and the world would know his power through that, so next time you’re tempted to question God concerning the motive or reason for a test or command, remember ”God knows, but do you?” It makes you know exactly where you stand with God cos it’s a personal experience. Yeah He’s wise like that! Luke 4:1-12, another concrete example!


So folks, I hope this helps you when next you think God hates you, or why you’re going through so much. I know it hurts while we’re at it, but it gets better and it brings more confidence in who we are, what we’re capable of, and who our father is. Isn’t that great? I hope you guys have a great week.