Hi guys!

How’s your week been? Mehn, mine was a bit unexpected but I guess that’s to be expected sometimes (no pun intended, I’ve just been sick with words nowadays, lol).

Its day 9 of the 10 postcards from uni series. It’s almost over guys! I hope you people have been reading sha o but have been too busy to make comments, lol.

On to today’s business, today’s post card is about really trusting God when we pray or need things urgently, and it’s only then that we truly get answers. The spiritual is such an ironical place to dwell in. It’s the most fun though, I promise you! Don’t worry, when you read the post you’ll get what I mean.

Have fun guys!! It’s a long weekend. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll try to keep the posts coming!

Post card day 9

On 28 June 2013, the HolySpirit made me have a deeper understanding of something I used to hear all the time, “The Lord fetches water in a basket, to shame the bucket”.

Earlier on, I misplaced one ear of my earrings and after checking and frustrating myself to no avail, I asked the HolySpirit to help me find it and I stopped looking. Later, I went about my business and when I was done, I opened my locker and found it just around my legs, I was then like ”oh! thank you HolySpirit”. Like that wasn’t enough to teach me a lesson, I then needed a safety pin for my shirt. I searched the so called ‘right box’ in my roommate’s locker and I didn’t find it. I asked again, “HolySpirit help me”.  and so I checked another unlikely box and found it. “Mwaaaaahh! HolySpirit”. The morale of this story is that later in chapel, God brought this previous saying to my mind and I thought; The normal science of the adrenaline gland says that when you worry about something, e.g. A snake, if around, it locates you faster, but the HolySpirit with his peace theory makes you find things when not worrying, and leaving it to him, so as to shame the science of the adrenaline attraction. Deep abi? Yeah he’s deep like that’

Lol. This post is hilarious! This saying is not even in the Bible! I must have heard it during one of those programmes in school. God is God sha, and His spirit does not lie. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man. I hope you guys learnt a lot from this cos even I’m still learning ooo. There were too many grammatical blunders though, but as we know, I’m not allowed to edit the words, just copy and paste from my uni journal. At least you guys can see how much I’ve grown, lol.

-I hope you find happiness in everything you do this weekend. Bimpe