Its day 10. I can’t stop smiling at my phone right now as I type this. As some of y’all might know, myself and consistency are not that close. Our relationship is complicated. So typing 9 posts from my uni journal is a miracle. Yaaaaaay Bimps!!!

So today has the final post card and it’s one from my uni self to my present self (and you too. Yes, you). I’ve made a lot of mistakes and fretted over more things than I should have between uni and now, and I wish more people wouldn’t have to. I could have easily avoided so many things if I had just understood some fundamental truths earlier. So I decided that today’s  journal would be fictitious in its nature, but real in its meaning. Let’s go folks!!!

postcard day 10

Hi future Bimpe,
I don’t know if I’ll get this opportunity to talk to you again, and there are many things you need to know, to be fine in this world.  However, one of the most important, and that you’ve won’t hear as often anymore, is that you should not be afraid. 
Yeah, I’m sure you wonder how that’s got to do with anything, but the world outside Covenant University is a big, scary and angry place. You’ll lose a lot of close relationships and you’ll build some more. You’ll do more interviews than there are jobs on the planet and you’ll cry over boys (Yeah, right now you think that’s impossible but you have no clue, darling). You will be a mess at so many points, but you’ll have it all figured out at other points. The world will treat you funny, and your finances will not believe in your dreams.
All these will happen, and more, but a major thing you need to know, that will get you through, is that you should not be afraid. God has got you. It has always been this way, God being the defender and you basking in the inheritance. It’s been easy to be this way though, now it won’t be as easy anymore because situations will jab at you. However, the most important tool you will need is remembrance. Remember that He brought you through yesterday, and the last issue, and the one before that, and that He’s still as interested in you now as He was from the beginning.
The last thing you need to know, is that YOU WILL BE FINE, I promise you. Never forget that.
Bimpe from uni

OMG We’re dooooooonnneee!!!! God is so awesome. The feedback I’ve received from this series  is phenomenal, on all sides. You guys rock.

I hope you’re happy