It’s all fun and games until you have a purpose – Bimpe


How does it feel to have finished the ’10 postcards from uni’  series? It feels weird for me honestly. I’m loving the feedback I’ve been getting from the series though. Let’s see if that will prompt me to do another series. (I can just picture God looking at me right now, like ”Gosh I hope so Bimps, cos I know you can do this thing!”)

So lemme tell you something about this life. I was going to watch movie one day o, until I realised I was late and the interesting movie I had been looking forward to, had started and I was in the wrong cinema hall. You should have seen me walk fast as heck (and this comes from me who walks fast for a living, lol). I was almost running, literally. I just couldn’t miss this movie mehn. Now, on the hallway to where this movie was showing were a lot of things that usually attract my attention. There’s this tennis thing, with some nice music jamming loudly, to which I usually slow down to dance to. There’s a restaurant with a view as well, there’s also a nice bakery and ice cream spot that just pleases my nose, just by passing by.

However, on this faithful day, nothing could faze me, cos this movie had started and it had gone far. I had to go watch my movie. I didn’t hear the music in the background, I didn’t see or care about the guys playing games and checking me out (maybe, lol. A girl can only dream right?), neither did I even remember the ice cream spot. These things are wonderful, and are fun, but pleaaasse, I had a movie to watch. I came here solely for this movie. This movie isn’t just there, it has started and I’m late

Now, as I was still rushing to see my movie, what this post is about struck me, heavily, when a tiny voice in my head whispered to me “Bimpe, this what having a purpose, really having a purpose, and chasing after your purpose feels like”. I stopped. For a millisecond. Then I continued my rush.

People, there is a reason I was in that building, just the way there is a reason you’re in this world. There were a lot of fun things in that building, that are not bad things, are wonderful things in themselves. I could even be good at some of them (like eating ice cream, lol), just the same way there will always be a lot of fun things in this world, some of which you will be good at. But I was here for the movie and nothing, no matter how fun it was, could change that. I could have stopped to do some other things, like buying ice cream and had a lot of fun, but I would have left that building unfulfilled, because I didn’t come for ice cream. I came to watch the movie, that was the real reason I brought money here. Spending it on anything else, no matter how good would have been a waste. That’s the same way NOTHING else can replace what you were brought to this world to do.

The more I thought of this though, the more the Holy spirit made it clearer to me. Look, we were all in this building for absolutely different things. The fact that I wasn’t here to have ice cream did not mean everyone having ice cream was wrong by doing that. Why? cos the guy left his house for that very reason. So he’s doing what he came here for, while I would have been here seeing how delicious his ice cream looked and possibly tasted, and wanting to have some of it. But I didn’t leave my house for that. We might have looked the same way, worn the same perfume, and even possibly left from the same house, but we were in this building for different reasons. Just like we’re all on this earth for a unique purpose. So each man is to face his own reason(s), cos I could have come here for more than one reason.

By the way, what could have deceived me, was to think that the movie would run forever. To know the movie was running, and understand that I had the movie to watch, but think it would keep playing until I was ready. So I would spend all day eating ice cream and enjoying the view of tennis players just doing their thing. But this movie had an end, which is why I was almost running, and I didn’t care about fun. The fun I needed was waiting for me in the cinema. This is the same with our purpose, folks. There is no time (for those of you that want to make money and enjoy life first). Who is deceiving you that there is no money in fulfilling your purpose? The world has put a stereotype to life, and career patterns, that we’re getting distracted. Life is in that purpose. Money is in that purpose. All the life you need to enjoy is right there where you need it. And time is running out.

I could have left the building without watching this movie, definitely. But every time someone said something even remotely related to that movie, I would remember. and I would have felt the void, bitterly, because I missed my chance, especially if the movie had stopped showing after that day. Guys, if you join the bunch of people in the building that this life is, that miss their purpose and why they are here, It will have worse consequences than missing a movie, and you will always have that void, knowing that this job is not what you should be doing, and this business is wrong for you. Stop. Just stop. Now start. This time, start the right movie.

Now, it’s important to note that the only place I could have found this movie to watch, was in a cinema. If I roamed around the whole street, went to therapists, moaned to my friends all day about how much I needed this movie, cried about it even, I WOULD NEVER have gotten this movie, The only places this movie existed, was in the cinema. People, the only place your purpose exists, is in Jesus. If I am not sure of any other thing in this life, it is this one thing I am sure of.  The only place you will able to watch this movie called purpose, not the pirated version, not the cinema dub, but the real thing, clear and original, is in Jesus. Always. Only. Jesus.

Hey, hey it’s not over yet. Guess what? I didn’t have to go act this movie y’all. It had been acted. Some people had paid and been paid, to act this movie. All I had to do was go and watch. Jesus already died so you don’t have to struggle to pay for your own sins and find yourself. You’re found in him! He did all that already folks. He did that for you. He sits in heaven. The perfect actor, working everything in this movie for your good, just so it has the best ending. The movie is already here. Your purpose has already been set up by Christ, all you just have to do is show up and watch.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “how do I go about this Bimps? It’s so easy for you to come here and compare life to a movie like it’s that easy, but how do I really go about the thing?” Well,  it’s easier than all these self help books and the world has panned it out to be. It’s as simple as Matthew 7:7. Jesus himself says how. He says, just ask. All you have to do is ask. I’m not giving you a prayer guide.  As long as you acknowledge that He’s the only one that can show you, and you ask him, and keep asking. Don’t get tired of asking. He’ll show you.

Hurry people, this movie is running really fast and there are no re runs. We’re going somewhere so no ice cream for us(lol).