Hey love, do you have a minute?

Lemme tell you something I don’t want you to ever forget.

I do not like football. Neither do I  really like any sport, really. I don’t have the patience for it. If it were every dribbling battle that led to a goal, or every strike, maybe I’d be. But that’s not what happens. In fact the whole ninety minutes might go by with no goal. What? Who has time? Not me, for sure

There’s this thing I love though. You know those emotional songs they sing on super sports? Those songs like ‘stand up for the champion’? Those parts they show on TV, that have the highlights of all the sport moments? Those parts that have the victory dances, the unimaginable goals, the winning spins, the victory and the losing tears? The parts that make you cry?  I just looove those parts. They show me the highlights and that’s what I’m about. That’s about the only reason I ever watch the olympics.

I’m an action babe and I’m fine with that. I want the highlights and then I’m moving on, and that’s okay.

But there’s something different about myself and my brothers when we’re watching super sports, especially the highlights. It’s that what they see is absolutely different from what I see. I’m usually just here for the action and the emotional commercials, but they’ve been here through the game, and so they get it

They get those tears because they understand the amount of failures it took before there was that smashing success. They  understand the input of the other 21 people on the field both standing and sitting, giving both positive and negative contributions, all needed to get to that ultimate goal I see.

Their smile is different from mine. At first I don’t get it, but then I do. Because the beauty of the destination is in the journey we dread. And I don’t get to choose. If I want to understand the look on my brothers’ eyes, then I’ll have to be there for the whole game. Because I can’t choose the highlights. To get the highlights, to really get it? I need to be there for the whole boring game.

Maybe I’ll never like football. Maybe I’ll always be an action babe, but now I’ll start paying attention to the lives around me, like yours darling. I’ll endure and maybe even learn to enjoy   the mundane part of our everyday lives; the job applications, the nights of study, the continuous rejections, and endless efforts, because when the tears of joy comes, my smile will be different. Cos this time I get it.

So now I’m willing to see what’s behind the tears those I’m watching are shedding. Its going to be boring but jeez, that final moment? It’s worth it. The story that makes the victory is worth  telling.
I don’t know what part of your story you’re in, and I’m not God, but he did make me your friend. So just hang in there buddy, cos the victory tears are coming, and I cannot wait to cry with you. And I’ll cry better cos I know the story.