It’s the 1st day of the year,  you guys!!

Okay, so I’m standing right here at the beginning of 2017 and looking back into the last  year. It’s been one heck of a ride.

I had never been as confused as I was at the beginning of 2016. Never. Nothing was going as planned. My life was a mess. I was lost in sin. I wasn’t going about my dream. I was lost, and I knew it. But I had God’s spirit so I kept writing down God’s revelations to me, and kept crying to him for help.

I remember the first Sunday I attended Petra Christian centre in the last week of May 2016. Oh boy, did I weep. For almost the whole service. Through that year I had been going to church, studying my bible and trying to pray but the devil had been playing my mind like a brilliant chess god. I remember the song they sang, ‘no longer slaves’ by bethel music. God, I cried.

The devil had killed me with condemnation. I was dying inside. But that day, with that song, telling and reiterating to me that I was still a child of God, marked the beginning of a still ongoing change in my life. That singular step of deciding to attend Petra Christian Centre was and still is the highlight of my year.
The devil is so busy instilling fear and guilt into us as Christians, that keeps us far from the father and farther from change. But Jesus is ever willing to help and change us. For a year that started as crappy as it did, it sure turned out to be bliss. When I put the devil in his place, and reminded him of my place in Christ.
Everyone of the things God revealed to me at the beginning of this year came to pass. Every single one. And more.
The only things that didn’t happen from my goals book this year, were things that were solely up to me. Everything that required God was done.
You guys, if I start to talk ( in Tiwa  Savage ‘s voice, lol), we won’t finish o.
So in a nutshell (like that’s possible with me, lol), this year proved the following to me *among others*:

A few of God ‘s awesome deeds, and lessons for y’all

1 God does not forget, even when we do. He keeps his promises. I had not opened that revelation book since February. Just opened it in December, but God showed me that He did not forget, by bringing everything to completion.

2 He cares about all His sheep. I had prayed at the beginning of the year that I wanted to find a stable church where I could attend, be a dedicated worker, and grow in. Petra Christian Centre was more than the answer to that prayer.

3 You don’t achieve the goals you write, you achieve those you go about. Boy, did I write. That didn’t change anything. It’s only those I went about that came to pass.

4 Jesus is the 4th man in the fire. Don’t be scared of the fire. He’s got you. He really did have my back this year in every single area, especially the ones that were seemingly difficult.

5 He cares about your family and everything that concerns you. The smallest thing. Even the clothes you wear daily. He just wants you to seek him. That’s all. He gave me all I asked this year, and my family more than we could have even asked. It’s the little things and answered prayers that just get me. Every time. I’m usually just like ‘Really, Jesus you’re this awesome??’

6 Pray. Pray. Pray. You guys, I worried a lot this year and it brought nothing. Then I got to learning how to pray, and praying. And it changed everything. The devil is cheating too many people because they’re either not praying, or praying in guilt and fear. Pray and believe for answers.

7 Grace makes you look like a scam. I look at my writings and I don’t recognise myself in them. Sometimes I wonder. I’m not this smart, guys. In my job, the family and friends I don’t deserve. It’s been grace. You guys need him, cos I can’t wait for us to all look like scams together!


Alright guys, I hope you learnt from my retrospective thinking. It was a bit unstructured. Y’all should manage it, lol. And click on this link to read the post on 2015 in retrospect, so you can compare and see how I’ve grown.

P.S Just in case you’re wondering why there is God in everything I’ve been writing. Well, every man has his own story. But this year, Kai! It was only God that got me through the mess. I don’t know what got you through yours and that’s fine, but for me, in my weak times and in my strong, it’s always only Jesus.

Here’s to the best, most soulful and most fruitful 2017. Let’s go show the devil we’re not playing here!

-With more love than you can possibly imagine,