Lemme start this like I start those boring work emails, … Hi guys, trust your day is going great, lol.

My loves!!!!! (That’s more like it, right?), shey e wa okay??

Okay, let’s get to work (in case it’s someone’s first time on this blog, before they think I joke around for a living).

Do you guys remember this thing we used to have on this blog called MCM’s ? For the newbies we love, it’s a series I used to share every monday (Music Collection Mondays). They were a collection of songs I love, and the meanings I associate with them. You can click here┬áto read all the posts you missed. Gosh, they were lovely. I only stopped cos I wasn’t consistent (this 9 to 5 life sometimes can be a chore but we’re coming up hither).

Today we’re doing something similar, but different. As I fancy myself a music fan/fanatic. I would be doing a quarterly compilation of my best songs in each quarter of the year, so you guys can get a glimpse, and possibly add some of these awesome songs to your playlist.

So here are the songs I’ve been jamming in the past few weeks *drumroll* … Y’all can thank me later.

-Elohim by Hillsong Worship – This one is my all time favourite on this list. It shows you how much God embodies and is love. The bridge gets me in tears when I think of how great the God we serve is. I loooove!

-Cause of Christ by Kari Jobe – You guysssssss. This song is a jam. Personally, and in my church, this is our year of in-gathering. i.e winning as many souls to the awesome kingdom of Christ as we can. If I’ve not yet preached Jesus to you, don’t worry it’ll soon be your turn. This song especially speaks to me on that level. It lightly esteems everything the world is so particular about, and exalts the cause for which we stand. The cause of Christ. Plus the music is tight!

-Don’t forget to remember me by Carrie Underwood – This is one country song that has always had my heart. It keeps me grounded on the things that matter in life, especially the people we love because we can get so busy that we forget. It especially reminds me not to forget those I love, while keeping in mind that I’m loved too. It’s just so nostalgic, as per regular country. It’s the best, and you should check it out

– When you walk into the room by William McDowell – Hmmmm. Well, this is a christian song by a black man, so you already know the energy is high up there. The depth and power though!! Guys, there is life, resurrection life and light and change in Jesus. That’s what this song is about. One of my current best worship songs.

– The sun is rising by Britt Nicole – I loved Britt Nicole from the very first day I heard heard her song on my first phone. However, I heard this song in the movie ‘The other woman’, and it spoke to me immensely. Plus her voice is so piercing!! And who doesn’t need some sunshine on gloomy days or a reminder that things will be better? and they will.

– Desert song by Hillsong United – You guys!! You might not get this if your life has always been rosy and everything has been wonderful for you. However, if you’ve ever felt like life was a desert, or maybe you’re even currently in that desert, and it seems like there is no way. Guess what? The song for you is here. And as is hillsong style, the music is on poooooiiiint. This song personally helped me in an unbearable desert, and I hope it helps you too.

– Forever on your side by Imaginary Future featuring Kina Grannis (His wife) – More songs like this should be written, it’s a love song that’s just so deep, yet sweet, such that I’ve made up my mind that I’ll have it played when I’m getting married. (Boy, I love love). It’s love, but with no dirty lyrics or anything. You’re welcome!

– Always Enough by Kari Jobe – Look, I went through some drama sometime last year, and this song literally was a major instrument God used in getting me out of that almost depressing time in my life. And never again will I doubt the sufficiency of God. You don’t need any man to validate you, or love you or accept you. No. These things are good, but guess what? Jesus really is enough for you. I’m not talking cliche guys, to giving an inspirational speech. This song helped me. It is true worship, showing the all sufficient nature of God. If you don’t listen to any song on this list, please listen to this one.

– Waymaker by Sinach – Nigeria is coming up on this music scene guys!!! People like Nathaniel Bassey, and Sinach have shown us that it’s possible. This song is so beautiful and so deep. Expressing the names of God and the supremacy of Jesus in worship. And it’s a cheerful song as well, so go for it!!

– Ojuelegba by Wizkid – I don’t typically listen to Wizkid, but this song is a nice jam about Wizkid’s rough background. I like it cos it’s so inclusive. Anyone in Lagos, especially the Surulere folks (that’s when Ojuelegba is located). The music is nice, and it is danceable too.

Okay guys! I’m done for the quarter!. Did you guys like the songs? Were you blessed? I sure hope you were. Also, what are the songs that inspire you and the story behind them? I need songs to add to my collection o, and who knows if it will be your songs on the list next quarter?

Have the bestest weekend/quarter love

I love you!! Mwaaaaaaah